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Do-Gooder No information Job: (Sewing-Machine Assembler). Konno Yuuki with Ayano Keiko, Kirigaya Kazuto, Shinozaki Rika, and Yuuki Asuna on the cover of SAOII's ninth Blu-Ray/DVD. She believed some things must be done in forceful means for the other party to understand.

[16], In February 2023,[17] after contracting esophageal candidiasis, Yuuki received an offer from Doctor Kurahashi to test the first experimental Medicuboid prototype, which had just been completed. Gender Due to dystocia, a caesarean section had to be performed. March 29, 2026[4] No information Impressed by the boy's revelation that he had cleared the game, the girl, doubting they would have much time to interact, requested to spar with him, to which the Black Swordsman agreed. Goals No information

Due to the recent occurrence of the Sword Art Online Incident, few people were willing to test the FullDive machine's capabilities, though the requirements of careful maintenance and clean location for the Medicuboid would result in a drastically reduced risk of infection for the patient. However, during the course of 4th grade, a group of students found out that Yuuki was a carrier of HIV and began spreading rumors about Yuuki. Sometimes we have questions about: “How tall is konno yuuki?” At the moment, 03.04.2020, we have next information/answer: 1,62m. Yuuki Although Yuuki claimed ownership of the stag beetle by right of first catch, she went silent when the newcomer observed that the former had no cage to safely transport the insect back to her home. At that moment, Yuuki's immune system began collapsing, resulting in her being hospitalised after contracting pneumocystis pneumonia in 2022. After some consideration, Asuna agreed, declining the Sleeping Knights' offer to pay her. As they examined their new surroundings in wonderment, Yuuki and Ran were greeted by Merida, who introduced them to the basics of Asuka Empire's mechanics. Cardinal. On March 29, 2026, Yuuki's condition suddenly deteriorated, and Asuna rushed to the hospital, learning that Yuuki's death was close at hand. When Yuuki confirmed with the leader of the group that they had no intention to let the Sleeping Knights pass, she candidly and casually decided to fight their way through, much to shock of the leader and Asuna. SereGa As they had not brought any instruments for catching insects, Yuuki decided to capture it with her bare hands, thus she stealthily approached it, successfully seizing the beetle just before it could fly away. Hobby Occupation

Three and a half years before her meeting with Asuna, according to, A year and three months after she contracted AIDS, according to, One year prior to her meeting with Yuuki, according to, Yuuki began searching for an additional party member for the Sleeping Knights about a week before the events of. As Ran was usually the one to receive praise for her abilities, Yuuki guiltily felt her capabilities seemed better to Merida than her twin's only because she was using a more advanced FullDive device, and thus she accidentally revealed she was not using an AmuSphere. Yuuki passed away peacefully in Asuna's arms, surrounded by her friends, the Sleeping Knights, Asuna's other friends and many players who came to pay tribute to the «Absolute Sword». Sometimes we have questions about: “How tall is konno yuuki?” At the moment, 03.04.2020, we have next information/answer: 1,62m. Your email address will not be published. Yuuki was the kind of person willing to live life to the fullest even in her critical condition, when she died peacefully in happiness. Konno Yuuki She was also known for creating the eleven-hit Original Sword Skill named Mother's Rosario in the game.

After the insect was secured, Yuuki and Ran introduced themselves to the girl, who revealed her name to be Merida and suddenly collapsed, prompting Yuuki to catch her. In Roite Village, both Konno sisters ordered crepes at a good shop Merida knew. Shortly after the defeat of Heathcliff in the Ruby Palace, Yuuki found herself mysteriously transported to a strange area in the skies above Aincrad, next to another player. During the meal, Yuuki recalled how her mother used to make crepes for them and how she used to enjoy eating lunch with her friends, before the revelation that she was an HIV carrier ostracized her from everyone. ALO With the appearance and help of Kirito and Klein, the Sleeping Knights managed to defeat the players obstructing their path, and reenter the room. Novel Yuuki Konno is a recurring character from Sword Art Online.

Bureaucrat, Content and Social Media Admin (Gsimenas), the story of the same name in the web version, Tweet by the author about Yuuki's birthday, Yuuki's Q&A session in the 3rd popularity contest by Kunori Fumio (EX00 Face to Face), Q&A session in the 3rd popularity contest by Kunori Fumio (EX00 Face to Face), Official character popularity poll on the Dengeki Bunko website, https://swordartonline.fandom.com/wiki/Konno_Yuuki?oldid=173770.

The next day on May 12, Yuuki activated her Medicuboid and logged into Asuka Empire with the avatar she had finished creating beforehand. ), known as Yuuki (ユウキ, Yūki?)

Hollow Fragment May 23,[2] 2010[3]

Alias https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Yuuki_Konno?oldid=2028250.

in «Serene Garden»,[7] «Asuka Empire»,[8] «Insect Site»,[9] and «ALfheim Online» (ALO), was the deuteragonist of the Mother's Rosario side story, and the protagonist of the Sisters' Prayer side story in the Sword Art Online series. Family

To reduce the tension, Asuna reminded the group about the Monument of Swordsmen and they all traveled there to see their names on the monument.

Always getting into brawls and challenging other players, she lived each day as if it were last literally. Yuuki hesitated when Asuna expressed a desire to know her better.

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