yorktown memorial hospital nuns

It seems the back door buzzer was broken, and nobody answered – and then they found this poor young man’s dead body on the back stoop the next day. The killer is coming.” Never a fun thing. During its time under the care of the nuns, the hospital was said to have lost over 500 patients in a six-year span. As one could probably guess, this definitely didn’t help with the bad energy of the place. It said “Please ring in case of an emergency.” One of the nuns would stay up all night to listen for the bell. Main St. is a nice drive to hit up the older buildings of the area. Dr. Nowierski and the nuns might be waiting. Or Not?

Since she loved story time, she can be enticed by sitting in the library reading her favorite book. A post shared by (@laurenkubala) on Jul 29, 2020 at 7:15pm PDT. And if the care was that bad under Dr. Nowierski, I’d imagine some of the passed patients to be quite upset about that.

The Felician Sisters, a group of nuns affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church (which has been present in Yorktown since its settlement) operated the hospital. Hollering Woman in Woman Hollering Creek maintains that the woman is still grieving and searching for her murdered family along the banks, A post shared by (@laurenkubala), A post shared by (@thecraftyvoyager).

Today we’re exploring the haunted Yorktown Memorial Hospital in Yorktown, TX. The hospital attracted many workers that were on those oil rigs. In terms of activity? Either the people who dropped off the body didn’t ring the bell or the nun didn’t hear the bell ring. The center eventually closed in 1980 and the structure was abandoned. The reputation of the hospital, despite being run by a rather large religious institution, hasn’t been the best. What kind of activity, your macabre little minds ask? Blood spatter on the walls has remained there to this day.

Woman Hollering Creek: The Weeping Woman of Saint Hedwig, TX, The Crying Girl of Matz Street and the Ghost of Heritage Haus. There are plenty of stories about the true number of people who died in the hospital, but the number is said to be around 2,000. Definitely human blood.

One of the well-known, and less frightening, spirits is of a little girl. According to some, the book was actually a gift given to her by none other than Dr. Norwierski, with a note from him written on the inside for her. Today, his apparition can sometimes be seen wandering the hall near the back door. The most widely reported apparition at Yorktown Memorial Hospital seems to be a little girl named Stacy.

One sister has been seen in different spots around the building, and photos of her in her habit have been caught as well. Settlement of the area dates back to about 1848, and the town was incorporated in 1871. A few nuns are also known to still be hanging around, although stories of them aren’t what one would expect.

The caretaker of the building has claimed that he has had it forensically tested, and the result? There was a door and a bell that was there just in case of an emergency. Past the Yorktown Creek and a few fast food joints lies a foreboding structure. Wilmington, DE, US, 19809 The Felician Sisters of the Roman Catholic Church kept the hospital open until 1986, when another hospital opened up just a few miles away in Cuero, Texas, thus putting Memorial Hospital out of business. Just down the road going west, however, the town soon reveals one of its darker characters from times gone by. He was an older gentleman and practiced medicine into his 90s. By the time of his retirement, he held the oldest medical license in Texas. You want to know the creep-factor. Men were killed, fingers, hands, and arms were cut off, and legs have been broken as well. But when he rang the back-door bell, no one answered. Its founders were Captain John York and Charles Eckhardt.

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