why is the logitech g13 so expensive

As mentioned above, try all of the gamepads out in the store before buying one. I have to stretch my thumb over a little on the G13; It’s not uncomfortable but it doesn’t feel optimal. I wish it were a little bigger. save hide report. Quite aside from the luxury look and feel, LCD screen and multicoloured backlighting, for those wanting lots of buttons there simply is no other choice.

Two, I wish that the first 2 columns of keys (G1, G2, G8, G9 and G15) were shifted downwards by perhaps a quarter of an inch. It has better software, it’s built better and has more buttons.

The basic interface of the ‘G-series Key Profiler’, which controls everything but the GamePanel, is both attractive and well laid out. Hasn't been in production for a while, yet there is still some demand for it. It feels premium. Buttons also felt nice and crisp, with the only complaint about response being that pressing down on the thumb-stick is a little too stiff. The comfortably-sloped wrist rest is padded with a soft rubbery material which provides excellent grip, though if we’re being incredibly picky for those with bigger hands the ‘slippery’ silver Logitech inset is not placed ideally. The first, a small round button to the left, acts as a switch between the screen’s various functions. I will go over my WoW profile in a later post when I finalize it, but in a nutshell, I have combat abilities bound in M1, menu items (map, bags, talents) bound in M2 and extras like the raid icons and recount screens bound in M3. It’s a great device, great functionality, pretty decent software and an okay(ish) build quality.

Last but not least as far as buttons go is a small one to the right of the GamePanel controls with a sun as its icon, which switches the G13’s backlighting on or off. The thumbstick doesn’t creek and the paint doesn’t look like it’s going to wear off. Playing some RPGs and RTSs presented no problem, basically because in these cases all you really need the pad for is as a button repository. It hasn't been in production for a few years now I think. These functions are fully configurable through Logitech LCD Manager, and further ones might be added in the future through software updates. With all that out of the way, how does the G13 actually perform? Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, i5-4690K, GTX 680; i7-4700HQ, GTX 850M; 2x Xeon E5-2440 + 32TB. So let’s see if the G13 is the one to beat them all. As it doesn’t offer default profiles for various gaming genres, Logitech should have at least allowed you to get profiles for games you don’t own that might have similar control systems to games it doesn’t recognize.

The one surprising omission from its lineup has always been gaming keypads along the lines of the Saitek’s Cyborg Command Unit or Belkin/Razer’s N52te, but now Logitech is looking to rectify this omission with its new G13 Advanced Gameboard.

I am actually finding the G13 to be less of a strain after extended play periods. N52te is about half price.

In the top two rows, four buttons with indents act as the WASD buttons by default. On the ‘RSS Reader’ setting, they let you switch between feeds, call up a summary or open the original article with your browser.

Pman Company Representative. Even in addition to a normal keyboard, it’s highly recommended for anyone who uses lots of complex shortcuts or regularly performs actions requiring repeated sets of key-presses. Close. Gaming keypads such as Logitech G13 are much cheaper, even when they supposedly have more complex hardware (many more keys, LCD display, arm rest, etc. I was initially worried about it’s curvature. Discussion in 'Accessories' started by ... too expensive for it's functionality and useless lcd. Are they no longer being made? I have two ergonomic gripes though.

), but still I can't find them lower than $50. This did become less frequent over an extended period, but overall my good old keyboard simply felt more comfortable. (centre)Here you can see the backlighting control, and yes, it really does do all those colours(/centre). Oh: The thumb buttons on the G13 are a lot easier to press than the n52’s thumb button. Only once I started using the thumb-stick for things like leaning, jumping and crouching did I find the G13 offering unique advantages compared to a keyboard and overall more intuitive to use. In Call of Duty 4 though, because of the way the G-keys are all packed together rather than the more staggered and divided layout of, say, the Cyborg Command Unit, I frequently found myself pressing the wrong key in a hectic firefight. It has better software, it’s built better and has more buttons. The palm rest is textured nicely and the flatter design is more in tune with how my hand wants to naturally rest. It also takes up more room than most, measuring 24cm top to bottom. Edit: My WoW configuration is posted here if anyone is intersted. As always, with any peripheral, ergonomics will differ according to hand size and personal preference. These consist of five small but easy-to-use rubberized buttons. So far, Logitech’s G13 Advanced Gameboard seems to be holding up pretty well. As usual with Logitech, the software is also rather good, though it could use improvement in some key areas. The only exception are the M-keys, which are always backlit and only in red. The Logitech G502 Lightspeed takes one of the company’s most loved gaming mice and makes it lighter, faster and wireless.

Ascend to... the PC Master Race. Ergonomics aside, if you are already used to playing with a gamepad then there isn’t much of a learning curve. You really need to give the G13 a test drive on a store display or at a friend’s place before purchasing it. In terms of build quality, I have always been very pleased with Logitech’s peripherals.The G13 is no exception: it is a very well constructed and solid device. Though most gaming keypads on the market offer some form of backlighting, none can match Logitech’s implementation. While the Key Profiler will download custom profiles for many popular games automatically, there are titles it does not recognize. Generally available for around £60 online, the G13 is the most expensive gaming keypad out there by a considerable margin, but justifies the premium with a whole load of exclusive features and excellent build quality. Why is the Logitech G13 so expensive? This is an even greater shame considering Saitek’s Cyborg Command Unit, which has been on the market for a while now, offers a full analog thumb stick that can even be mapped to act as a mouse. Also, though it’s not an issue in COD4 where you can only carry two weapons at a time, in other FPS games having no ‘number’ keys above the G-equivalents of WASD is rather limiting and sometimes downright frustrating. Offering a visual representation of the G13 where a click on any of its virtual keys brings up a menu with various options, matching keyboard-keys, scripts or macros to each of them couldn’t be simpler. I have a G13, and used it for quite a while before I bought a mechanical keyboard.

Above the wrist-rest is a selection of 22 keyboard-like keys labeled G1 to G22. Logitech is well known for its PC gaming peripherals, and with reason: the ones that have passed through TR, like the G9 Laser Mouse, have consistently won awards. Question. Even the smallest X-Keys cost about $100, and so do Fentek reprogrammable keyboards, and the smallest Optimus mini-keypads (if you can still find them). I find the gamepad comfortable with my average sized chick hands, though I do have to awkwardly stretch my fingers over to hit the G1, G7, G8 and G14 keys.

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