what happens if the military finds out you have asthma

2007;119(2):336-343. If I am doing a light jog, I am fine, but anything with more effort, I get burning chest pain and have to slow down, which makes me feel like shit because I can't keep up with any of my coworkers and I feel like I am just bitching out of running ( Army culture). 3 This potentially increases the number of service members with compromised respiratory status, which is concerning in light of the past decade of deployment to southwest Asia (SWA) and ongoing investigations into potential deployment-related irritant respiratory exposures.
Don't shut up. Fed Pract. Nathan RA, Sorkness CA, Kosinski M, et al.
Airborne Hazards Related to Deployment. After a run the other day, all my nail beds, fingers and toes, were turning a deep blue. Don't be shy, don't leave anything out. 7. Unauthorized use prohibited. N Engl J Med. J Allergy Clin Immunol. Allergies can cause asthma like system so I would not be in full panic mode yet. You’d slow me, you’d slow your unit, you’d be a liability. 2 Recent changes in military medical guidelines have allowed service members with well controlled asthma to remain on active duty. 8. Schatz M, Sorkness CA, Li JT, et al.

I am sorry, but my experience with army doctors sucked. Ann Allergy. N Engl J Med. Asthma is common in active-duty service members, despite the diagnosis limiting entrance into the military, and there is potential for significant rates of underdiagnosis among new recruits. If you where not, go to sick call and talk to them to get properly tested. If it was exercise induced asthma like you think it was, you would have seen these symptoms throughout basic and AIT. I was always good at PT and never had a problem until lately. 15. 2008;133(5):1142-1148. The germans were shocked that this wasn't found sooner. Corren J, Lemanske RF, Hanania NA, et al. Pulmonary function testing including spirometry and bronchodilator response should be performed as demonstration of airflow limitation is crucial for the diagnosis of asthma. In: Baird CP, Harkins DK, eds. Eur Respir J. Taylor B, Mannino D, Brown C, Crocker D, Twum-Baah N, Holguin F. Body mass index and asthma severity in the National Asthma Survey. 1992;69(3):239-242. 24. Your throat could swell shut. Miller MR, Crapo R, Hankinson J, et al. 2015 September;32(suppl 10):6S-12S, http://armypubs.army.mil/epubs/pdf/r40_501.pdf, http://www.healthquality.va.gov/guidelines/CD/asthma/ast_2_sum.pdf, http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/guidelines/asthma/asthgdln.pdf, Nurse Practitioners / Physician Assistants. 4 Spirometry should be performed in accordance with published standards and documented in the patient's medical record. Am J Respir Crit Care Med. If you do lie and the military finds out about your condition you will possibly be issued an Article 15, which is the equivalent to military misdemeanor, but if they take the trouble to investigate your medical history and find out that you lied, you will get a dishonorable discharge and possibly a harsher military sentence up to court martial. Am J Manag Care.

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