spectrum outage columbus, ohio

They won't send out a tech - make you wait 16, 17 days & then tech says it's your computer. Why not include more information on the outage message with updates as to progress? @Ask_Spectrum Thank you for responding. Outage Reported: A Spectrum INTERNET, TV and VOICE outage was reported in your area. RT @joanwalsh: It's super-convenient for my cable and internet to go down the day before an election @Ask_Spectrum... @Ask_Spectrum Any updates on the internet outage for 11217? This is unacceptable! Terrible experience. @Ask_Spectrum who else has no internet or cable in West Hollywood?#spectrumoutage, @Ask_Spectrum is there an outage in 14222? I’ve had no service for hours, @Ask_Spectrum oy… leave me alone service bot Spectrum is ghosting. @Ask_Spectrum well Internet not working again :(. Is there an outage in Brooklyn today? @Tom_Frank1 @Ask_Spectrum is there a service outage in northeast OH ? downdetector.com. @Ask_Spectrum #Zeta affected. @Ask_Spectrum SPECTRUM LISTEN UP. @Ask_Spectrum is there an outage in 06259? Shame on you. No phone, cable, OR internet?! @Ask_Spectrum outage again this happens multiple times a week. Terrible experience. With no eta. I'm having internet issues! It’s a confirmed outage in my area. @Ask_Spectrum @GeeksTechTweets Please spectrum sell your whole company and let the pros come in and show y’all guys how to do it because y’all guys don’t get the work done Cable and Internet been down for the past five days and this is unacceptable, @chrismackie Why is there no news coverage of this if so many of us have same issue with this sh*t company. @Ask_Spectrum thoughts on updating Cleveland customers regarding the 24+ hrs of prolonged outage periods during the work week?

@Ask_Spectrum almost every day for the past week we have had issues with service.

@Ask_Spectrum Your team has not been fixing any issue. The most recent outage reports and issues originated from @Ask_Spectrum any word on when the outage in central Texas will be repaired? @Ask_Spectrum is there really no better update about the internet outage in Winston-Salem, NC? @GetSpectrum says they are working on the outage… but I guess that’s all for today. If Time Warner Cable's Spectrum seems down for Mobile Network,Broadband Internet,3G,4G,Website,iOS App,Android App,API,Web Hosting,Domain Names,Wordpress Hosting,SSL Certificates,Windows,Mac,Windows App,Power,Satellite TV,Internet TV,Gaming Console,DTH,Fixed … @Laura48178144 This is day 5..why have you not restored power in FIVE days in Greenville, SC?

Our technicians are in your area actively working to resolve the issue... @Flyersfan07 @Sworrds @Ask_Spectrum @GetSpectrum @DIRECTV My connection has been very unreliable since August.

@Ask_Spectrum is there an outage in my area? @Ask_Spectrum No. Going on 3 days now with no service. Anyone with @Ask_Spectrum currently having issues with ESPN glitching ?

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