russell fork river fishing

The Ratliff hole is a play / hole, put in on the KY side of Breaks Interstate Park. The Russell Fork[1] is a 51.9-mile-long (83.5 km)[2] tributary of the Levisa Fork in southwestern Virginia and southeastern Kentucky in the United States. Paved parking is available and vehicles can be driven fairly close to the river for easy loading and unloading of paddle craft. This trip was at 850 cfs - dam release - and I was in a Mohawk Probe 12. One is another river split which you want to go right side which is the main channel. Some paddlers put in at the Flanagan Dam access off VA 729 via VA 611 just past Bartlick.

The float from Ratliff Hole River Access to Carson Island Access is roughly two hours, much shorter than floating into Elkhorn City.

Lord of the Fork Race: The Lord of the Fork is our annual extreme Class V downriver race in the gorge.

U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Russell Fork,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, USGS Hydrologic Unit Map - State of Virginia (1974), This page was last edited on 11 May 2020, at 02:39.
The Breaks Interstate Park is the perfect headquarters for a fall weekend of floating, fishing, hiking and scenic grandeur as inspiring as anything found out West. At Tower, a boulder has partially blocked the preferred Double Boof exit and the left exit has smoothed some. Rat Hole Reminder!!!

gallery This nearly 3-mile run presents the paddler with stunning bluffs that can make you seem rather small in comparison. It can be run just left of center or sneaked by on the very right side or ported on the right side.
The Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources stocks trout here in April, May and October. Russell Fork - Lower section- from the Ratliff Hole to Elkhorn City takeout. A tributary of the Big Sandy River, the Russell Fork River is a scenic series of rapids, pools and tortuous twists. Walleye and musky are present but in relatively low numbers. The natural flow at Haysi is 169cfs and the Corp is releasing 449cfs from Flanagan. Rock shifting in Dave's Rapid has created stickier holes at release levels. The second float begins at the Ratliff Hole River Access (also known as Potters Ford) off KY 80, a short distance south of Elkhorn City, KY. A gravel/dirt access is located in the Kentucky portion of Breaks Interstate Park just off US-80 east of Elkhorn City. Public alcohol and other temptations can get you in trouble .

Public alcohol and other temptations can get you in trouble . You can add nearly 3 miles to this float by launching in Haysi, VA at a parking area near the Kiwanis Park. In search of the monsters lurking in Southwest Virginian waterways. The Russell Fork is narrow and has a high gradient with many riffles and various classes of rapids (paddle craft users should research and be cautious). Some are more obvious at lower flows, but many are in play at release flows. The traditional low water plank line is altered, but the hole below is much easier to punch making walking the plank unnecessary. The gradient in Breaks Canyon approaches a stunning 180 feet per mile. For Kentucky Fish and Wildlife Resources latest COVID-19 updates, Frequently Asked Questions Summer Conservation Camp, Help Support Salato and Wildlife Conservation in Kentucky, Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation (R3), The best put-in is just downstream of the confluence of the Pound and Russell Fork rivers at Bartlick, VA on VA 611 via VA 80 from Breaks Interstate Park. The Russell Fork’s assault on 125-mile long Pine Mountain, now called Breaks Canyon, forms the mountain’s northern end.

The Box has changed enough to be runnable at very low flows (180!!!). Always check the painted gauge on the big rock in the Garden Hole pool to know just what the flow is when you put on the gorge. Rafting: For information on upper & lower fun runs, contact Kentucky Whitewater online. It can be run year round at 300 cfs or better on the Flannagan Dam gauge and the Russell fork at Haysi, Virginia gauges, (add the two together to get the flow for the gorge) but first 3 weekends in October the corps of engineers release 850 cfs on three Saturdays and Sundays and then the final fourth weekend they release 1100 cfs. The best water levels for both of these floats range from 200 to 1500 cfs (cubic feet per second) on the Bartlick, VA gauge on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Huntington District whitewater pages at 1-276-865-4413.

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