open systems accounting software manual

Your OSAS 8 solution begins with feature-rich accounting software applications—solutions that are flexible, easily customized, scalable and portable. Copyright © 2011 Business Accounting Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Design a legally acceptable document for any state with a Release Form function when you interface with OSAS 8 Accounts Payable. Service Repair Shop software for Apparatus, Hydraulic, Pumps, Motors, Aviation, and More. Quickly satisfy your customers by providing them accurate and timely information when you access on-hand inventory quantities. You control the information presented, including which companies can be accessed, which items will be available over the Internet, and more. Save transaction time by receiving goods into inventory immediately with the Receive Goods feature, which allows you to sell the goods even before you’re invoiced for them. You need to be able to handle picking, packing, shipping, and tracking. Ensure consistency when maintaining units of measure at the item level when you use the Unit of Measure Codes function to set up units of measure. Manufacturing and Assembly operations require specific functionality to set up assemblies and kits using unique inventory numbers, an unlimited number of components, and globally replaceable items. The process is handled quickly and efficiently through OSAS 8 Payroll; even manual checks can be deposited directly, and Direct Deposit vouchers ensure that a pay check cannot be lost or stolen. When you add Purchase Order to Accounts Payable, you can specify and approve every aspect of orders you place with your vendors—every step of the way. Use unit conversions to buy in one unit and sell in another, meeting the specific needs of your customers. If necessary, you can adjust the content of each kit at order entry time. From a few users to a large department, from 1 to 100,000 products, OSAS 8 adapts to the way you do business. Access shipment tracking information via your web browser.

Boost your productivity and eliminate hours of typing with OSAS 8 Enhanced Payroll Tax Reporting.

It also means that the system will support structure and organization changes within the business without the need to change underlying posting codes. Improve your bidding success when you quickly assess the cost of assemblies and then use the History Report to compare anticipated costs with the actual costs associated with similar assemblies. From ACH transactions to direct deposit of payroll checks, from Positive Pay support to Magnetic Ink Character Recognition capabilities, OSAS 8 Banking provides a total solution for secure electronic banking. If they choose to have a portion of their pay deposited to their accounts and receive the remainder as a live check and they may elect to split deposit amounts between six different bank accounts in up to six different banks. Where is it located? You can give employees the choice of whether or not to participate. Search by vendor ID, purchase order number, receipt number, invoice number, or status. You can choose from over 70 predefined business widgets that capture business data from throughout OSAS 8 and present that data in a variety of formats. If you are seeking a scalable, customizable accounting system with a full range of applications, OPEN SYSTEMS Accounting Software (OSAS) may be the ideal solution for you. With ERP for Mac, profitable organizations run streamlined and efficient operations. Traverse ERP provides the tools you need to manage all facets of your organization’s business processes in one single ERP System, and while Traverse ERP Software was built to support large enterprises, it is flexible and affordable enough for small and mid-sized companies alike. You’ll also benefit from efficient billing and cash receipts management. Determine the information to which your customers have access. OSAS 8 Fixed Assets helps you decide when to buy, when to lease, and how to manage your capital for maximum return. You can also choose not to display outstanding balances. Backorder information is right at your fingertips; you will know exactly what is backordered and when it will ship. As payment transactions move away from checks or cash to the use of credit or debit cards, you need a solution that keeps your customers and vendors happy.

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