moms demand action m1 garand

We should have done it when Dubya was President, as an anti-terror measure.

And there is tons of facts that gun control causes more crime and death, than a gun free society does. Likely, US Anti’s are trying to replicate this process. Ya see, if they are the ones that criminals target, Darwinism awards will make their survival questionable. The M1 Garands and Carbines now prohibited for re-importation are functional firearms that, if placed into capable hands, are certainly capable of inflicting damage. Please ‘splain that to us.” I will explain it. Just that it’s technically not unconstitutional. The goal is to reduce the number of crimes with guns, so only those statistics will be relevant. Bully retail establishments into banning the carry of guns in their stores, as a step toward making guns illegitimate in society, as the combination of trial lawyers, legislators, and the old media have done with cigarettes. They do not have an ideology or group guiding their actions. Wrong spot for a reply. Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico and Ukraine or other examples don’t count, because they were never really western Democracies. On, a discussion about the Moms Demand Action push for a gun ban following an armed robbery of a bank inside of a Kroger store, brought this commonly expressed question from rktman, “Uh, how would this have stopped the robbery again? That would cut out the middleman, so to speak. If the market demands less expensive quality goods, the market will get it. This is almost sure to happen, because even though crime hasn’t been reduced elsewhere when guns were banned or restricted, we have a much larger number of crimes committed with guns than does the UK, Japan or Australia. I’m a little confused. If Obama’s lips are moving, he’s lying. And we will have reduced armed robberies committed with guns by some amount. We desperately need to get rid of the SOB and also all the junk he passed , including his so called executive orders , and see that the congress has some input or control over executive orders from future presidents .

7. We could also make armed robbery illegal. Your email address will not be published.

Even worse there are gun owners who are okay/actively support these (except the M1 Garand/M1 Carbine ban cause ‘Merican made) as long it does not affect their AR-15 and 1911.

There are numerous audio recordings and films that refute this. We all know how often M1s are used in street crime, mass shootings, concealed carry etc. One example is Remington and the rest of the Freedom Group with their poor domestic QC control of their brands. M1 Garand-Operating Rod Piston-Replacement Stainless Steel $ 12.00 Add to cart. If they give it ten seconds thought, they’re really pondering it. Any weapon is deadly if it’s the intent of the owner. What will be next? And that is Obama.A BIG ONE. “gun violence” and overall violent crime was cut in half. How many folks are buying American made AKs because hurr durr made in ‘Merica!? And if we ban swimming pools, we’ll have fewer drownings in them…. Any increase in crime by other means that may result won’t matter. For the last four days, college students had protested the Nixon Administration’s new Cambodian campaign on the university quad.
Succeed in getting guns banned in large, well known, retail businesses. Second Amendment groups, like the NRA, criticized the administration for “completely [missing] the mark when it comes to stopping violent crime” and putting the last nail in the coffin for the 110 year old Civilian Marksmanship Program. Stand up. All the neighbors were NRA members. Much as  it may be their goal, I don’t believe the disarmers have sufficient media control to pull off the above program, as illustrated by the failure of the Obama push for universal background checks and a new assault weapons ban. All taught their children to shoot and handle firearms properly. Sorry if my views didn’t come across clearly…. Obama can’t write law and make something illegal just because he says so. We certainly could have an argument for it being arbitrary, however, given domestically produced AKs function exactly the same, so limiting the import is silly and cannot accomplish anything. I suspect their approach is more like: fail in the legislative sphere with the backing of the president.

Impossible! You mean from gun-free Mexico?

But that’s still no reason to ban them, especially given the most notable mass shooting was committed by government forces. I hope so. Just watch the strange alliances the anti-gun groups make and the extreme positions they hold. I think we would be foolish to under estimate their impact in the main stream, but I also think we need to recognize that the gun control crowd aren’t really part of a movement. We don’t. I know it sounds shallow and pedantic but it is something that I and many others are passionate about how our voice is muffled in the fight to restore our rights. We can be sure that governments will be beneficent along the way, because no western democracy has been overthrown in the last 75 years. m-16s m-4s stingers LAWWs night vision glasses radar equipt. 300 million firearms currently present in the country, with thousands (?) Now that the progressive wing in the Democratic Party has been shattered and America is about to usher in the first populous president since Andrew Jackson, it will be interesting to know when those hundreds of thousands of M1 Garands and M1 carbines will be released to the American public.
In particular the extreme green agendas. and help the police stop crime……………………….. the M1 is wonderful. M1 Garand-Lower Band-USGI $ 19.00 Add to cart.

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