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Companies and brands have a plethora of ways to promote themselves, and they are getting more and more creative about it too. It’s a pleasure to share your knowledge and passions with an audience. Download pdf There is a multitude of places where freelancers could get templates for media and press kits. Gather testimonials from other sponsors or advertisers. Maybe add a touch of editorial vibes with a modelesque photo. You need to put a media kit together to vault yourself into the professional realm. Use testimonials if you have them. Show them visually where their material will be placed.

This strategy can go a long way to help you build connections in the industry. The templates were designed for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Will it provide them with customers on a steady basis? You can edit it here! What is most helpful for the potential client would be the infographic on readers or followers and the data analytics statistics at the bottom. It contains thorough information, and its distribution is a preface for a release or an important announcement. For those wanting to publish something online about the company, they have a web media kit, and for those wanting to publish in print, they offer a separate set of files.

If you write on global hiking adventures, how about an outdoor clothing brand? There are a variety of reasons why influencers and bloggers need a media kit in their careers. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For a more straightforward media kit, there is a portion that shows the packages or rates being offered by the influencer or the blogger. Media Kits or also known as Blog kits, or Press kits can be compared to a portfolio. Filed Under: Featured Slider, Infographic Tagged With: influencer. Depending on the type of blog, your audience and your market niche, you may have multiple opportunities for sponsors and advertisers. The most important of these is sponsorship. Does your outdoor adventure blog include interviews with folks who have gone up Annapurna, or are training to hike the Appalachian Trail? Potential advertisers will expect to see a fairly recent date. Home » Blog » Media Kit Examples: 7 Things to Include in Your Media Kit. The phrase dates back to the pre-digital days, when these facts and data were often in a literal kit, like a binder or even a small box. Treat that media kit as a portfolio. Supplying more information is also where a media kit comes in. Why not create a media kit as a web designer by showing how you have your thought process? 1. That may attract some advertisers. Who are your readers? What is most helpful for the potential client would be the infographic on readers or followers and the data analytics statistics at the bottom. How Racism Affects Bloggers and Influencers, 5 Court Cases Where Social Media Played a Part. A media kit is usually used to showcase the influencer which includes their passions and their talents. If your work has been published in places other than your blog, include that information in the introduction, as well. Remember, too, that the more sponsors you have, the more you can divide them into tiers. This makes it easier for potential clients to decide whether or not they are willing to deal with the applicant. To sponsor you or place advertisements on your blog, brands and businesses need to know what’s in it for them. Remember, though, that it needs to be very easy to skim. The media kit advertising strategy is a good way to do so. When food companies, most especially behemoth ones, release media kits, journalists and the media more often than not oblige. Media Kit Examples: 7 Things to Include in Your Media Kit, How to Use Keywords Everywhere to Do Simple Keyword Research, How to Multiply Your Most Popular Content, How to Make Your Sponsored Posts More Successful, How to Write a Strong & Engaging Sponsored Post, How to Create an Awesome Landing Page for Your Blog, How to Find Sponsored Post Opportunities With a Small Blog, Monthly traffic sources, with number of inbound links. OK, here’s where the rubber meets the road. Don’t worry if this seems like a lot of work. Once you have all these, that’s it! It is one of the major weapons they have in their arsenal. But that does not mean it cannot be done. It’s usage is vast and wide and is not restricted in one industry. If you actively participate in events related to your blog, such as conventions, include material and links here. Just remember that what is most important is to find what matches your showcase and skills the most. Of course they do. A steel company using media kit to promote themselves. Serving readers since 2014 on different niches like Science, Current Events, Tech, and Travel. It is a package of information about products, events, or business. You’re proud of your work. Media Kit Examples and Templates As a social media influencer. There is also a portion of previous experiences and skillset they could offer. Who would have thought? Your advertisers and sponsors need these as a critical piece of information. OK, here’s where the rubber meets the road. Think in terms of eye-catching charts and large bullet points giving the most salient facts. Download. After finding and analyzing 20 excellent examples of media kits (full list at the bottom), we identified the following components as integral to your media kit. Noticeably, since this is for internet related work, it is better to put in social media contacts than simply a telephone number. Usually, it could be likened to a company profile.

Big names in the industry have been using media kits to extend their reach and their voice by using journalists and the media as a platform. The word “kit” sometimes throws people. Being an online personality is difficult these days. Tell them your story and why it matters to them. Now that you know what influencer media kits are, let’s take a … Make sure you can too, and do not forget to be creative and witty about. If you have a cooking blog, for example, do you interview local chefs or review farmers’ markets? An influencer media kit is important to grow your business and reach. A web designer should always have concise thoughts that are easy to explain and share with others. 58+ Media Kit Templates in Microsoft Publisher -, 13+ Wedding Announcement Designs & Examples – PSD, AI, 9+ Event Announcement Designs and Examples – PSD, AI. Though it may seem trivial compared to other issues the media can talk about, it is undeniable that the food and drinks industry is a massive driving force in an economy’s growth. ... AWeber’s electronic press kit page offers different media kits for different purposes.

But testimonials from other sponsors and advertisers about how your blog delivers a demographic, drives their sales and so on is pure gold. Showcase the highlights of your hotel, make sure it persuades people to come by and stay there, and it is a wise option to just let the media do those things for you. Write a description of your blog and its niche. Hence the name, this is utilized in the food industry to promote a restaurant or to announce a rebranding. You can never have too much exposure. Here are a few places to look for media kit templates for free: There are multiple free templates available on Canva that could be embedded in websites.

Here are the steps. Clients get to know all the pertinent details in a single glance.

A media kit from a magazine company. Why not synergize their interests and needs through your blog? If you are a company with products that cater to a specific group of people, you may want to make yourself be heard more over your competitors.

The size of your media kit is determined by how much you need to include — which, to some degree, will be dictated by the amount of data you have, the length of your vision statement and so on. It is one they constantly use for themselves, and something they recommend frequently to their clients who wish to be advertised more. It is always better to create your own to show off what skills you could really share. Here, highlight any regular features of your blog. Everything will be centered around that specific product, with the aim of producing buzz leading up to its release in hopes to generate as much sales as possible on the first day of its release. Businesses, nonprofit organizations, artists, and musicians have all gained benefit from this. Is it going to provide a good space with which to be associated?

Remember the seven steps below: Have fun and grow your business at the same time with these steps to create a strong media kit. You’re a blogger whose followers have been growing, either by leaps and bounds or slowly and steadily. How well can you sell yourself as a photographer than taking a really cool photo of yourself? If you are confident with your pastries, which I am sure you are, announce yourself to the world and let them have a taste of your masterpiece.

Data should include: You need to draw clients in with your images. How do you fit into the community of people who care about this topic? Usually, media kits can contain previous sponsors so the potential client can do their own search of a blogger or influencer’s performance. Now that is effective and efficient marketing. Influencers have to strive harder in their industry if they want to climb up through the ranks. Talk about your dream and vision, and provide facts that show your reach and potential.

You lay out the important facts and data they need to know to decide to work with you, like your blog stats and number of followers.

It is important to keep your media kit up to date, no matter when you develop it. These could also be downloaded for use. What does the blog contribute that other media don’t? You are not an influencer brands approach if your reach is not as wide. Add pictures or infographic elements to break up the text. Some media kits even show daily stats or analytics like page views, unique visits, total page visits in a day, and more. In this section, place your sponsorship policies. The media kit is the place where you tell them that. Similar to restaurant media kits, the only difference between this and that is your inventory. Bringing in media attention is always one of the top ways companies of all scale use as an advertising and marketing technique as it has been proven effective countless times in the past. The Modern Social Media Kit features a fresh design and several templates for various purposes such as quotes, announcements, blog post promotions, and more. You can edit it here!

There are literally millions of online personalities today, and standing out is close to impossible. How did you come to write a blog? You can develop a media kit whenever you want. Details.

Publisher; Illustrator; Photoshop; MS Word; Pages; Size: US. You’ll be supplying your audience with convenience and more information about a subject they are already interested in.

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