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MACI® (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane) is made up of your own (autologous) cells that are expanded and placed onto a film that is implanted into the area of the cartilage damage and absorbed back into your own tissue. Repetitive movements like running or impact-related damage from sports injuries can destroy your knees’ cartilage, leading to pain and a loss of range of motion. It’s a randomized controlled trial from the SUMMIT study group, comprising 14 study sites across Europe. A post operative hospital stay of approximately 2–4 days will generally be required following surgery. The green stretch strap was instrumental in helping me, not only stretch my quad, but also work on that range of motion. During an arthroscopic examination of the knee, the surgeon cleans debris out the knee, determines the size of defect and decides if the patient is a good candidate for MACI.

All rights reserved. A new process allows surgeons to transplant cells that help a patient regrow cartilage in their knee. For more information about what Vericel collects and how we use it, visit our Privacy Policy. FDA OKs First in a New Generation of Knee Cartilage Repair. MACI ® (autologous cultured chondrocytes on porcine collagen membrane) is an autologous cellularized scaffold product that is indicated for the repair of single or multiple symptomatic, full-thickness cartilage defects of the adult knee, with or without bone involvement. arthritis foundation conference of champions. As a former college athlete, she’s been competing in sports for most of her life. A MACI ® knee cartilage procedure may provide long-lasting relief—and improve your quality of life.. Limitations of Use After expansion, we take the patient’s cells, put them on the membrane, and ship them back to the doctor. During an arthroscopic examination of the knee, the surgeon cleans debris out the knee, determines the size of defect and decides if the patient is a good candidate for MACI. Jones was the first UCLA surgeon to adopt the technique.
Michel said he hopes MACI will have more widespread use, and Vericel is evaluating improved versions of the product for development in the coming years. But they don’t do much repair, Michel said. By continuing to use this website without changing your settings, you are agreeing to our use of cookies and to our collection of information. He and his research team are tackling the same problem, generating new cartilage tissue, You can check out the work of Dr. Veronique Lefebvre here. “The physician makes a small incision in the knee and cuts a template to fit the size of the defect. “And I continue to follow the long-term results of my European colleagues that have been performing this procedure for a longer period of time. The membrane with the new cartilage is then put back into the knee.”, “The first-generation cartilage resurfacing procedure was microfracture,” Ma said. “MACI is not approved for use in cases of severe arthritis. Excess stress is a common problem for many people. Experts say, while MACI is not for use in people with knee OA, it does provide a new treatment option to prevent OA from developing in a particular group of patients. “The future will be a combination of earlier detection, earlier nonoperative intervention, and earlier operative intervention.”.

Arthritis knee braces come in two broad categories - custom made and off the shelf. Most of our work is with microfracture.”, Gerard Michel, Vericel’s chief financial officer and vice president for corporate development, told Healthline, “MACI is an improvement upon earlier generations of ACI such as Carticel, which had been on the market for two decades. While I was able to straighten my leg right away and did well at getting my hyper-extension back quickly, my range of motion (bending of my knee) was slow to return. MACI is used for the repair of symptomatic cartilage damage of the adult knee. Here's what left brain vs. right brain means…. My biggest piece of advice? Michel detailed the broad categories of treatment: In some cases, osteochondral allografts, or OCAs, are performed. Once you have those injuries, the cartilage is not going to repair itself.”, “Another source of damage is osteoarthritis, which can lead to cartilage damage,” he added.

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