loser/lover tattoo meaning

It represents the luck that she has had in both her personal and professional life. 17 is her favorite number and also the title of her favorite Zac Efron’s body swap movie. She is known for her simple pieces with intricate designs and has been featured in Galore, Complex, Bullet Magazine, and The Cobra Shop. Tattoo: The left forearm of the singer contains a tattoo of a skull with crossbones. “Adinkra Symbols” in the middle of his Eyebrows, 9. In no particular order, Seungri follows. The quote is one of two on her body relating to love in life which she got due to her breakup. Her ring finger contains a symbol inked on it. Meaning: The words together spell out her name, TOOPOOR. “Skull in a Heart” on his Both Shoulders, 13. She wrote, “Headed straight for the castle, Nal, thanks for my first (and only hopefully lol) face tattoo ♦️♦️♦️♦️” on her Instagram post. This tattoo is inked by the Tattooist, Flemington NJ July 2014. It was like, If I get this face tattoo, I got to focus. Meaning: Halsey got a horseshoe with flowers upon it inked on her right shoulder. Tattoo: The outer side of her right forearm contains the word, “LOSER” tattooed on it with the letter, V inked in red behind the S of the word, Loser. She said that her grandma used to write X’s on her and her two brothers. Like other rappers, he is also fond of tattoos. 121. Meaning: Halsey has tattoed her ribs with giant Marlyn Manson tattoo. Tattoo: Her right forearm, just below her elbow contains a tattoo of a cartoon mouse. The lower part of his stomach contains a tattoo of the face of a Goat on it. Meaning: Halsey has got the back of her upper left arm inked with the numerals 511. Some of them are shapes and designs. Tattoo: The left side of her chest contains the number, “143” tattooed on it.

This symbol stands for Strength. “Heart with Two Crossed Lines” below his Right Eye, 50. She has many little hearts tattooed on her body. Meaning: Halsey has got her left thigh inked with the Latin word FEROX, which means courageous, wild and spiritual. Her right thigh, just above the knees contains the word, “TOO”  inked on it. Meaning: Lil Uzi has initial S inked on his left Forearm. When Uzi was in 10th standard, one of his friends, William Aston, recorded a freestyle over Chris Brown’s instrumental “Look At Me Now.” Uzi got jealous because of the attention Aston gained after recording a song. “LUV” with an Undefined Design On his Left Lower Knuckles, 41. The angry girl tattoo represents her personality as she says she is unhappy. Meaning: Lil Uzi has got LUV inked on his inner side of the lower lip. The hearts are again a nod to her past and how she is still looking for love. Meaning: Halsey got her back of elbow inked with the planet Mars. She wrote, “C’est le temps Que Tu as perdu pour ta rose qui rend ta rose importante – It is time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so important” on her Instagram post. From top to bottom, they mean, God’s Child, Justice, and Universe. She wrote, “Chi-town / hybrid baby. Lower Legs with NIKE Shoes on her Left Upper Arm, 11. Meaning: Halsey has inked a face with the word, Everything below it on her left upper arm. These notes are well known from Being in Castle. Doesn’t even realize what a rockstar he is.” for the tattoo artist. And the left side of her neck contains a line of heart tattoos inked on it. Star War Mythosaur on her Right Elbow, 17. LUV stands for his name, i.e., Lil Uzi Vert. “Heart with Arrows” around the Left Nipple, 24. This tattoo is inked by the Tattoo Artist, Nal in June 2018.

“Skeletal Hand holding Female’s Hand And VERT” on his Waist, 35. The right side of her neck contains a tattoo of a little girl frowning. Meaning: The three dots match with the three dots she has on her left hand’s middle finger but these are done horizontally.

“LOSER/LOVER” beside his Right Eye.

Jeans having a playboy sign on Left Arm, 34. She has her own fashion line HALSEY CLOTHING and is considered as one the most iconic fashion star in Hollywood. Aston declined to the offer, but Uzi agreed, and Streaktown Zombies got separated in 2012. Meaning: Halsey got her lower side of breast inked with the word serendipity.

But after they parted their ways apart, she got it covered with a band.

She captioned this tattoo as Happy Accident on her Instagram post. Tattoo: Three Adinkra Symbols. Meaning: Halsey got XXX inked near her right thumb. She tweeted,” Newsflash, women can be multidirectional.”.
It is a circular design which says, “God is King.”, Tattoo: Initials “LUV” and Design on each knuckle. “Rose with a Name” beside his Left Ear, 39. It is believed to have some links with her album hopeless fountain kingdom, but instead, it is a complete and beautiful tattoo of a beautiful winged creature. She wanted to color it but couldn’t because of the school rules. Meaning: Halsey has inked a Butterfly on her left forearm.

Meaning: The mouse was inked on her body just because she liked it. Layla has also released her songs, “Crazy Girls” and “Lamented” this very year. Her right arm, above her elbow, contains the tattoo of two hearts side by side. Lido played an essential role in Halsey’s musical career, serving as the executive producer for her debut album Badlands.


She tweeted, “I got my rose tattoo when I was a sophomore in high school.”. In an interview, she said that “I got mars because i met a guy on my tour that i become really good friend with and his birthday is half my birthday and i m libra, so my ruling planet is Venus, and his ruling planet is Mars, which is exactly opposite. She tweeted “Not sure how I ended up getting my neck AND spine tattooed  this month, but I guess life comes at u fast.”. Meaning: This upper thigh piece of Halsey in inspired by the French Novel- Le Petite Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. I got to focus on what I want to do”. She wrote, ” Incredible, the best tattoo I’ve ever sat for and the coolest dude. “Your Heart Here with a Key” on his Right Side of Neck, ‘CCCXIII’ With B.B. He rose in name and fame after the release of his album “Love Is Rage” in 2017.

Meaning: Halsey has got the phrase, “These violent delights have violent ends” inked on her right forearm in July 2014. Meaning: Halsey got her right upper arm inked with Sins and Forgiveness with her zodiac sign symbol, libra between them. Meaning: Halsey inked her left forearm with a pair of dice.

Tattoo: Adrinka Symbol for “Gods Protection”. Meaning: The skull is just another of the tattoos she liked.

Meaning: Halsey has inked the phrase “Crazy kind” fro one of her ex-boyfriends.

This was the first tattoo she got on her skin when she was 16 years old. There is the quote, “I’VE SEEN LOVE DIE” tattooed in red ink just beside the skull.

Tattoo: The left side of her forehead, just below her hairline contains the words, “LOVE YOU” tattooed on it. She got it inked when a fan criticized her for doing playboy photoshoot. This tattoo provoked him to take his rap career seriously. Tattoo: The left thigh of the singer contains a tattoo of a cockroach. This is the tribute for her friend who passed away. He gets in trouble for his words. Tattoo: The outer side of her left foot contains a small tattoo of the dollar sign, “$”. They are the identifier of producer Lido. Tattoo: The left side of her face contains 7 little hearts inked on it.

The right side of her chest contains a tattoo of a small teddy bear holding three balloons with each balloon containing the letters, “F, C, and K”.

It stands for the initials of his name, Lil Uzi Vert. The quote is the words that she lives by.

Tattoo: Layla’s left forearm, just above her left wrist contains a tattoo of a girl with lines in her background. Jan 14, 2020 - Loser / Lover tattoo from the movie IT (2017) by Stephen King Tattoo: ‘I’m a loser baby‘ Meaning: Halsey has inked her neck with the phrase “I’m a loser baby.” The celebrity Tattooist, JonBoy have inked this tattoo. Meaning: The extra V over the S makes the word change from “LOSER” to “LOVER“. 14. This is the lyrics from the song from 90’s ‘Loser’ by the Beck, and it seems that she is a big fan of Beck.

He started rapping when he was in high school and is best known for his chart-busting single, Bad and Boujee, that reached to number one position at US Billboard Hot 100.

She got it on Venice beach right after she signed her record deal. Meaning: Uzi has got alphabets, L, U, V, and an undefined design inked on each knuckle of the left hand. Meaning: Lil Uzi got three Adrinka symbol from the Asante tribe of West Africa. Meaning: Lil Uzi has got another Adrinka Symbol inked below his left eye. Tattoo: Layla’s left shoulder contains a tattoo of a spiderweb with a little heart in the middle. Meaning: TooPoor’s whole body is covered in many tattoos.
Her arm, just above her elbow contains the words, “DO NOT RESURRECT” tattooed on it.

She got it inked by the Tattooist, Curt Montogomery in August 2016. She relates to her fans, most of whom are around the same age as her, and wanted to give them something more than just a hang-out session. “Adrinka Symbol”  behind his Left Ear, 8. It is a Sanskrit symbol which is considered as a sacred sound or the sound of the universe. The word Gustav was the name of her ex-boyfriend, popularly known as Lil Peep.

anyone know a reference picture to the Asante tribal face ?

“Asante Tribal Face” below his Right Eye, 48. In a chat with a fan, she said that this is what her parents used to call her during her teenage. She got it upside down which represents that she doesn’t need any luck because she works very hard. The outer side of the forearm contains the word, “FRAGILE” tattooed on it.

“Cartoon Character” on his Right Calf, 45.

“Heart with Crossbones and Numeral 3” on his Neck, 11. “Spider hanging to Its Web” behind his Right Ear, 36. BRAT on her Right Forearm. this tattoo is inked in a tattoo shop in Strasburg, Pennsylvania and 13 is for January 3, the day her friend died.

The letters LV make the Logo of the brand, Louis Vuitton which is one of her favorites and she got the word Fragile tattooed to signify how her heart is. “Cartoon Character” on his Left Shoulder, 44. Meaning: Halsey got inked her index finger and middle finger with the numeral 17 with each number on each finger. There is also a tattoo of a star.

In an interview, she explained that she picked the lucky fans randomly on Twitter. Meaning: Halsey got her left shoulder inked with Double Rose tattoo when she was 16 years old and was in high school. The band looks like a scarf tied on her wrist. Meaning: The tattoo is actually a tattoo of herself.

This is the birthdate of her Younger brother, Sevian Frangipane, that is May 11th. Meaning: Lil Uzi has another Adrinka Symbol inked above his left eyebrow.

“Skeleton Playing a Guitar” on his Right Rib Cage, 15. Halsey has debuted some interesting inks on her skin. “Absolutely obsessed, Manson by mega babe,” Halsey writes on her Instagram post. Sep 28, 2017 - A community dedicated to all things web design. Meaning: Uzi got a design which looks like a flower of four clover leaves, but is the Adrinka symbol from Asante tribe, which means Gods Protection. Meaning: The goat is a tattoo of the Sabbatic Goat or the Satanic Goat, also known as Baphomet. “Skeletal Like Design” on his Left Upper Arm, 51. They caught the attention of local DJ Buzz Worthy, who offered to manage them. ‘Handle With Care’ Tattoo Meaning: Halsey got her right elbow inked with the emblem of Mandalorians from star war.

Paul got the same design just below his elbow. 3. “Two Heart-Shaped” design beside his Left Eye, 31.

The Tattoo Artist, Joshua ink this tattoo. It was his first face tattoo that he inscribed so that no one would offer him a job. He has got many inks tattooed on his skin. Words Tattoo ‘ Tattoo: The belly of the designer contains the words, “POOR LIL THING” tattooed on it.

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