karen pence leggings

It’s only $128 and totally worth it. I love following your blog!!

Doing some research on you, I learned that you were an educator for more than twenty years.

You have empowered me to dress in what makes me feel good and I have learned from the outfit you put together. Throw a simple tank underneath it and you can be done.

But do you know what I love the most? But that would have been the low road and something I couldn’t live with. These aren’t the types of clothes that I need or wear but I still was able to learn more about fit and color from reading your post. However, I found myself more obsessed with Karen Pence’s style, and I’m not just referring to that repurposed wedding gown. But that’s the joke on all of us with this whole administration. The straighter pencil style will give you a longer look. I honestly think that was Karen Pence’s goal. Funny you should say democrat. Funny, yet respectful in getting your message out. She will need to do much better than what we’ve seen so far to carry that title with the style American’s are now used to in their First Ladies. Unless Mrs Pence is able to ignore her internal chatter (and best of luck to her if she can) this is something she’ll probably have to deal with multiple times over the coming years, so if I was her I’d be happy to receive some gentle advice as you’ve provided. Thanks again!

I wouldn’t stray too far from what seems to be your signature hairstyle, but I would cut some layers into it to bring it up to date a bit.

Given your average and normal body size and height, along with, I am sure, your own body struggles that you deal with daily, it will be interesting to see how you tackle them as you step into this more prominent role. Karen Pence stopped by a local pizza and gelato spot in Pittsburgh yesterday for a quick bite to eat. For color, I chose to anchor your wardrobe in black and navy and popped it with jewel tones that are perfect for your skin tone. Plus, I would never speak harshly to anyone when working with them. Your suggestions were made so graciously and respectfully. Maybe the icons can be shifted to a vertical orientation so they aren’t across the bottom of the image? Yes, Bridgette thanks so much for this kind and helpful post. While I don’t particularly love the final outcome of the outfit, I truly felt bad that it wasn’t a hit. I don’t mind the bottom half as much as I do the top. It happens and I would help her if she called. I have been a long time reader of yours and have enjoyed and incorporated many of your ideas! I’m going to steal this info and use it for myself!

Of course, my hair and style suggestions are merely that, suggestions. I will be watching and am quite curious to see how it all unfolds.

I can’t mince words with that one. As a student of fine arts myself, and being someone who works in a creative field, I sincerely hope you support the arts as Second Lady. . She just needs some fine tuning and with what seems to be her intent to keep her style accessible, with a little help she could be well on her way.

Clearly, there are bigger issues going on than who wore what and which designer dressed whom. She opted for a floral-printed set of round-toe pumps, set in a black upper and coated with blue and green decor; the style finished with a mid-height stiletto heel. Melania Trump wears Jason Wu and Manolo Blahnik at the 2020 Republican National Convention, Aug. 26.

I wasn’t kidding. It usually makes the icons disappear. I think she chose understated as a sign of respect that the Obamas time was over and to make sur the spotlight was directed towards the new administration. Pence, whose wardrobe typically consists of business-casual dresses or cardigans and trousers, didn’t seem to stray too far from her norm during Monday’s meeting. However, the Twitter Pinterest Facebook logos are popping up right on top of all images on my mobile.

This color is so perfect for you it’s almost a shame you’re not a Democrat.

A few days ago, apparently, Karen Pence wore leggings, or something like that, on a trip.

ALL OPINIONS ARE MY OWN. I’ve been avoiding tv since the election and wasn’t even aware of Karen Pence, but I agree with your assessment of her style.

Thanks for offering your perspective mikiT. I think her intention of keeping her price point low and going for local designers was quite smart, it was the execution of that goal that missed a bit, sadly. As she walked onto the stage at the Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Shrine in Maryland, Karen showed off her bold choice of footwear. My hairstylist just does it for me. The wider the hem, the squatter you appear. I’d totally be on board with these goals, if I was to work with her. You know I adore you too! I’m not a hairstylist.

Lastly, I read that you were also a small business owner, like I am, and created a towel charm line.

I seem to recall that Hilary was upgraded quite a bit in the White House arena for her style. Would you have a different take on Hillary’s look?

Dear Mrs. Pence (or is it Second Lady Pence now?). Despite I am an ordinary citizen, I always ask my girl friends and close relative about some of my outfit when I am not sure if the clothes and shoes (flats will suit me well or not, and I always like to going shopping with my girlf friends, or brother and his family and get some different opinions and check other options that would will fit better taking in count many aspects: age, height, body frame, skin’s color, etc. I saw a glimpse of her dancing at the Armed Forces Inaugural ball and there’s a fun side to her personality that would be far better expressed in the clothing you suggested.

I hate to say it, but I really didn’t like this outfit.

Aye Aye Sister Democrat!

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As I said earlier, I really loved the concept, but didn’t love the execution.


Nobody likes to be called out for something that can use improvement, so if you ever do read this I hope you understand that it is with nothing but graciousness that I am presenting these thoughts regardless of our differing views. I agree, it wasn’t my favorite look on Michelle. There are many assumptions made simply because these people come from the “other” political party. I agree with your clothing and hair suggestions for her, but would add that she needs a professional or much better professional color job on her hair.

A potato chip run to Walmart, ha!

I’m already preparing for an onslaught of comments from those who think I am out of line for criticizing your style while also preparing for comments from those so against the current administration they will consider me some sort of traitor to my gender for writing this. For what it’s worth, I think both of the Pence daughters suffered from some of the same fashion mistakes at the inauguration and I don’t think dressed as well or as polished as they should have given the occasion. It’s a great update to your more classic blouses that you seem to like. Whose hat? You’re a petite woman. I really do think Kellyanne Conway did look like Woody Woodpecker.

The absolutely most respectful way you have made your suggestions. Love this post…………. I’m not so much against her bold color choices, but I do agree, she risks getting hidden.

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