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Your email address will not be published. Largest assortment of gmc crackerbox and much more. I would need some proof of that before I change my conclusion. Maybe they need to keep management away from design and engineering, and let marketing only deal with dealers. ), Volvo and Autocar. truck was run to move around some trailers last summer beforegovernor air line blew and was parked. GMC did leverage its great success with its air ride transit and highway coaches for the cannonball and other HD GMC trucks starting in 1957. Of course there were other advantages too, in maneuverability in urban settings. It soon spawned other variants.

6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ See each listing for international shipping options and costs.

front axle from Dayton to Budd and put on the polished wheels. Independent front suspension, air-suspension all-round, an ultra-light forward-set alloy cab only 48″ long, power steering, a complex fabricated frame that was 50% lighter, and the lightest diesel engine: This was the recipe for the most technologically advanced semi truck tractor in the world in 1959. Although the DLR8000 had a short and unsuccessful life, the more conventional DF Series crackerboxes had a reasonably successful career on the highways of America, but it would never enjoy the dominant market share its predecessors did in previous decades. They are working with International now to revive their medium duty trucks. Paul, this is an excellent essay. Up north, Scania and Volvo. Motorhome Of A Lifetime: 1977 GMC Motorhome – Rides Great, But Will It Stop. Free …

1/16 GMC Cracker Box Day Cab COE Monogram AMT ERTL Resin.
6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ Ford responded in 1977 with its CL9000, quite advanced in having its cab be separately suspended, as this one listing to one side makes quite clear. 1967 GMC semi tractor (crackerbox) for restoration or parts. Pete pulled for ICL The low bidder usually won.

engine ran good compressor works, ir governor waserratic new governor purchased and included. This ability to meet the various state restrictions was of particular importance to movers, which had to potentially be able to go to any state, and explain why long distance moving trucks almost invariably had COE tractors. Clint Freeman - $174.99. reading the specifications sheets . In 1960 the GMC Aluminum Tilt-Cab truck became the F-model in 7000 to 9500 series. I can’t help but admire GM for trying.
Something went wrong. Everything about it says fun! Fuel injection didn’t show up until later in the medium duties and again we got junk. I surely saw a few of these in my youth but did not pay much attention to big trucks back then. Mackies painted the GMC white, changed the Find gmc crackerbox available to buy right now on the internet. 1948 Willys Jeepster 4 on the floor, convertible, GORGEOUS! The DFW had tandem rear axles. Why did the once dominant GMC Truck division fade away after 1959? Also a result of the combination of large bore and low rpm. GM was simply ahead of the curve with these air ride low tare trucks a good thing usually but in this case too far ahead of the curve, Pity they had some good ideas most of which have since been adopted industry wide, 1954 GMC Tractor/trailer ... 2020 - Classic cars for sale. There was no twin rear axle version, and very few options. The air ride DLR8000 model was technically still available, but only through 1961, after which time it was dropped. This page was last updated: 02-Nov 22:11. I always liked the GMC 9500 and Brigadier styling. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. All Rights Reserved. The DLR8000 sprung from the same mindset that created the air-cooled rear-engine Corvair, the “rope-drive” Tempest, Buick’s Aluminum V8, turbocharged Cutlass Jetfire, the Turboglide, and a raft of other engineering firsts at GM in the years 1959-1962. Buy It Now. Required fields are marked * Comment. Required fields are marked *. The Crackerbox was a common sight in my childhood but I never could’ve imagined it started out with IFS and front cab. The most successful big US cabover here: the Mack F-series. The DF Series crackerbox was replaced in 1969 by the Astro 95. 6066 GMC Trucks ~ 6066 GMC Trucks ~ It certainly seems they did not try to hard to revise it recover their investment. GMC Crackerbox (F-Model) Trucks. Given Dodge’s weak market position and the lack of any prior COE trucks, this was ambitious and a bit surprising. It was a great experience. windshields, it has not been moved in a few days. 0 bids +$4.00 shipping.

I guess they forgot to ask if customers would actually pay for those profit features. Supposedly, anyway. polished tanks and extended the frame by 2 feet. Meanwhile the DF series quickly expanded, including the 7100 version with the new DD 8V-71 engine, making up to 318 hp. Mackies also chromed the bumper, added the When I first met my wife in 1991 he was driving a GMC Astro cabover, and now that he’s retired he still keeps his AZ license (Ontario, Canada) up to date and still drives occasionally – usually dump trucks and the like. See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Great post Paul, Ive never run across these in the wild only in magazines, It does show GM engineers knew something back then, now that there is a driver shortage over most of the world driver comfort and ease of operation of trucks gets drivers to sign on and stay 14 hour logbook work periods are usual over here and our roads once you leave the minimal motorways are not smooth they are to put it nicely bloody awful so a rough riding truck isnt going to attract drivers, Ive just been driving such trucks, its tiring. Condition is Used.

That nickname obviously reflects its utterly minimalist cab design, a curious contrast to what was coming out of GM’s styling studios at the time. They later sold it to Dick Wiley, who had it painted the red. Fantastic article of an interesting story. From some accounts, the DLR8000 sold poorly from  day one, due to these reasons as well as its higher cost.

Something went wrong. Intended to vault the competition through sheer technical overkill, they were the result of the oft-deadly hubris that permeated GM. The British had their own brands; many of them, as a matter of fact. The frame was now a typical riveted C channel ladder affair, and suspensions were the usual harsh leaf springs, with a choice of two types of tandem axle suspensions (Page & Page Rocker or Hendrickson “walking beam”).

Both front and rear axles were suspended on air bags, resulting in a dramatic improvement in ride quality. nasty51ford 43 Posted September 3, 2014. nasty51ford. The set-back front axle version (like the DLR) was not offered on this new series. Free shipping. Clearly, the engineering in these trucks was quite ambitious. Symmetry Surgical - $1250.00. Thanks again.

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