girl names that go with william

William has long reigned as a royal name in the U.K. you're in love. I love the name, and I know so relieved that my husband had grown to really like it as well. Whether you’re looking for a baby name or simply trying to find out the meaning behind our very own name, there’s always something to be known about a name!

The beautiful Jordan Queen comes to our mind when we hear this name.

I like this name & my mum likes it as a middle name. The name William was derived from the original German version of it Willahelm, Wilhelm or Willehelm, which is a compound name, Willeo (meaning will and determination) and Helm (meaning protection), ultimately giving the name the meaning of “resolute protector” or “Strong-willed warrior.”. It’s said to be the feminine form of Albert and means ‘noble’ or ‘intelligent’. © 2020 She was King George VI and Queen Elizabeth’s daughter and Queen Elizabeth II only sister.

In Central and Southern France, it was translated as Guillaume. Princess Charlotte, the daughter of Kate Middleton and Prince Williams, is the current famous bearer of this name.

Parenting is so much easier with good pals. I feel that it would suit a smart, wilful, quiet but confident girl. And it’s quite a fitting choice for a royal baby girl, considering how regal it sounds. Albertine is a German name for girls. David Mamet and Brian De Palma also have daughters named Willa, plus it's the middle name of Meryl Streep's actress daughter Mary (called Mamie.) Here are 32 of our favorite variations of the moniker! I named my youngest daughter Willa Mae. The name William is so popular in America and in many other different countries.

Considering the name Charlotte for your new baby girl? I love it, such a strong, classic boys name. If you think it might be time to get your child a cell phone, there are a few things to consider. The names means ‘devoted to God’. It's classic, lovely and vintage-y, familiar but not popular, more uncommon but not unheard of, graceful and classy. Lucia of Bourbon-Two Sicilies was born a princess, but became a Duchess when she married Prince Eugenio of Savoy, the 5th Duke of Genoa. Helmet. I love the name Alexander, it just seems so long. Wilson, Wilmar, Lady Helen Taylor, daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Kent and the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, is its royal namesake. Alexandra has a serious royal pedigree.

Wilda - Wilona Wilda [ Willda ], Wilfreda [ Wilfrieda , Wilfridda ], Vilhelmina [ Wilhelmina ], Wilhelmina [ Wilna , Wilma , Willy , Wilmina , Wilmette , Willmine , Willmina , Willybella , ..], Billie [ Willa ], Willa , Willow , Vilma [ Wilma ], Wilma [ Willma , Wilmina ], Wilmot [ Wilmott , Wilmotina ], Wilona [ Wilone ] Helena was the name of Queen Victoria’s third daughter. Don't be bored this summer! Love it!!

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