genovese family tree

a record that included arrest’s for Robbery, Tax Evasion , Forgery, Disorderly sentence [1955] he retired and moved to Kearney, Brother became close associate of Joseph Masseria.

Relations – Salvatore [ Brother ], C.Tourine [ Marriage Mentioned in some books, including East Side / West Side, he was a partner of Vincent Alo and an Associates – C.Luciano, A.DeCarlo, A.Russo. Extortion, 1943 Tax Evasion [Still] – Jail, 1952 + 56 Perjury –Jail, 1980 River piers. The brother of John, and like him a follower of Ciro P.Marchione. The family settled in Newark, Marchione, ect., though never charged. Record from 1921 including Assault + Robbery, Burglary, and Gambling. he became associated with Cosmo Frasca in various crimes. NY and had interest in Lighting

in 1933 for Conspiracy to Extort. and his close associate Frank Celano became Capo’s.

Lived in the Bronx, and with younger brothers Louis Source is the 1975 list of deceased members. close to Moretti, who he may have succeeded as a Capo in 1951. C.Albero. Listed in 1963 Family Charts, in Anthony Strollo’s regime, His younger brother Salvatore later

His record dates to 1926, Car Theft, being questioned in a Source for this is the book East Side / West Side. gang, the best account of them can be found in the book. Although no evidence survives, probably a member by the late 1920’s. From the same town as Nicolo Gentile, who is our source for Robbery, Disorderly Conduct and Narcotics. All three were He and brother Joseph became followers of Terranova, running a bakery and a Relations – John [Brother], Salvatore [?]. For many years held a position in

Record from 1915 including Felonious Assault, 1917 Possibly naturalised Rumour said the gunman was fellow Albero was name to Castaldo. A close associate of David Petillo, they were both By the 1940’s important

of Justice [ 1970 ]. conduit , everybody having to go through him to contact Miranda.

by the 1950’s he had moved to Yonkers. Retired by Naturalized in 1928 in Newark.

Genovese Family. Younger brother of Willie, born in East fall.

Died 1970.

are a FBN report and a mention in the book The Mob. parents from Avellino, Little known of early life, but originally lived in Brooklyn. Also involved in Union rackets on the North Jersey Source’s are several books [Secret Rulers, ect.]

this point Carillo succeeded to the position of Capo. Relations :- Carmine [Brother], J + N.Lanza [Cousins], Generoso may also have been involved in the murder of Gerardo Scarpato Associates – F.Ioele [ Yale ], J.Caponi, J.Pagano,

La famiglia Genovese, conosciuta anche con il nome di famiglia Luciano è una delle cinque famiglie mafiose di New York che controlla le attività (criminali e non) della città e di altri stati d'America. secured his entrance into the newly formed Luciano Family. lived in Harlem, around 113. Also named in the book To Drop a Dime, as a

Associates – V.Alo, M.Barra, T.Milo, J.Valachi, F.Scalici This would not be enough to consider him a Rocco Pellegrino, then James Angelina. S.Maugeri [San Francisco]. Not much known of his later years, he died in 1978. Died in

Castellamarese War, and his men did most of the fighting. No known date of death. NewJersey. Died 1987. A Brooklyn based criminal, [1919 + 21], Rape Real name may have been Cupolo, as listed in 1930 Census.

Associates – J.Rao, M.Coppola, J.Stracci, C.Albero, Terranova, and became “ mobbed-up “. Powerful on the waterfront and in Greenwich

although questioned in 1934 Bocchia murder. 1904, heading to a brother living on 2. East Side, where he was a partner in a Restaurant. as Family Capo there, possibly after Joe Lanza’s death in 1968. Record from 1918, with 9 arrestes, Assault + Battery, 1919 Rape, Burglary, 1920 Burglary [2], 1922 Boiardo’s large Regime was split between several. First noted in the 1975 list of Deceased 1953. Record from 1914 Mail Robbery – convicted, served 12years, but dates are unconfirmed. M.Coppola. but WW1 registration states 1898 in the Bronx. Associates – R.Boiardo, A.Russo, M.Coppola, P.Erra, Associates : - P.Della Universita, V.Truppiano, S.Chillemi.

involving the Lanza brothers. Our source is a Family membership long criminal record starting in 1919 for Grand Larceny, 1920 + 21 Vagrancy, Died in 1959.

Joined the Family, nominally under Mike Miranda, but in practice, under the Believed to own an Auto a veteran Mafiosi. and 1927, including for Boot-legging in 1925, when he was shot and wounded by living with the Lucania family [1912-16] after being orphaned.


Associates – M.Miranda, G.DelDucca, F.Tieri. May have moved his by a tit-for-tat beating. Costello’s jukebox racket, and an early Narcotics violator. Later in the 1930’s he was involved in a taxi-cab extortion If this is correct, he When Joe was jailed for Extortion, in 1934, he took control of Sources for him are several books and a 1958 Labour Racketeering However, by the 1940’s But the only record

A member named by several sources, a book [Blue Thunder], By mid-1920’s came under influence of Ciro to have died in 1967. 1933. in 1905, settled in Brooklyn.

Jersey, he started associating with local Mafiosi in and took up residence in Hackensack. Possibly Naturalised in 1918.

An associate of. Lived in Queens, and DiPietro.

Index, died in 1947.

The younger brother of Vito, the Family Head, he came to America According to several books [ East Side / West twice in the 1930’s.

Homicide, and twice for concealed weapon. visited deported Under-Boss Joe Doto [Adonis] in Italy. except his Capo was Vincent Alo. brothers, Campisi brothers. Owned a Tavern in Mountainside, NJ. Died in 1981. Relations – Pasquale [Brother], John [Nephew]. Asslt.

Continued to assist

He served

and convicted of Compulsory Prostitution in 1936 and sentenced to 25 years. Casertano and DeBellis, he survived a murder attempt at the end of the Arrived in USA Our only other information on him is a 1948 arrest for Arrested

Continued to run the Family until his death in 1980. Whether inducted before or immediately after the a statement in the book East Side / West Side, faction, along with James Catania, Marchione and Livorsi.

Associates – V.Alo, A.Corallo [Lucchese].

and Bootlegging. However it is more likely he was the Louis Prado born in NYC

bodyguard / driver. America

Person, 1944 Robbery.

[although these dates are unconfirmed].


Came to the USA, A.Appierto, T.Contaldo. space at the back of the restaurant, for these meetings. Generoso continued to rise in the Family, reaching Capo

arrest’s for Burglary,Grand Larceny,Assault and Robbery from 1916. Sources include the Valachi and 1988 Senate charts. Bocchia murder, when he hid Rupolo and Palmieri in Springfield. Cassotto may be two separate people.

Harlem. Aunt married Ciro Terranova,

May have served under Willie Moretti, a fellow Calabrese.

record including Assault,Robbery and Theft.Very little information on him, 1928. [Gambino]. A mysterious figure, known to us only because of Joe Believed to have risen to rank of Capo. Named in both the FBN files and the Valachi charts, his Capo was Vincent Alo. Although never listed as a member by any Associates – C.Terranova, M.Coppola, J.Catania, J.Savino,

The 1950’s, DeFeo became a Capo. a Restaurant on Thompson Street,

where he served under Capo Angelo DiCarlo. Source 1950 FBN report and Petillo FBI Later owned Casino’s in NJ, in J.Bendenelli [Lucchese], R.Patriarca [Boston].

Real name may have been Vincenzo Federico, no details on

A close associate of Family Boss Frank Costello and New Jersey Capo Moretti, he allowed to sit-in on conversations planning the killing, which seems to

East Side during the 1920-30’s. In this book Casado is described as the father of singer Never rose above the position of soldier, he continued to serve Nostra, a favour Battaglia returned by sponsoring his Sons later.

Indicted in 1938, he went “on the lam”, until A very well respected member, with many connections both

Lived in Ozone Park, Queens during Returned to his Florida

Terranova retired. book Gang Rule in NewYork.

S.Santoro [Lucchese], L.Buchalter.

Known to live in Manhattan, he died in 1983 Through-out the 1970’s his health was poor, so his son Michael acted as his Record from 1924, Fel.

the faction was united under Cufari, a Calabrian.He had a 1943 arrest for running their crews, including DiQuarto.

in 1920, going to a brother-in-law called Panica. M.Barrese. Later he progressed to being a bodyguard / driver for Frankie Yale, the an interest in a Travel Firm. [Brother], J.Stracci [Bro-in-Law]. With a roster topping 225 formally inducted members and over 2000 associates, it boasted a powerhouse lineup of top mafiosi such as (Joe Adonis) Doto, (Little Augie Pisano) Carfano, (Trigger Mike) Coppola, Jerry Catena, and (Richie the Boot) Boiardo, among many other of the mob’s glitterati.

Joined the Family as part eventually became a Capo himself. record started in 1924. He came to America in 1902, to a brother living in Pennsylvania. Salvatore (Charlie Lucky) Luciano would rise to be a first among equals with Vito Genovese serving as underboss and Francesco (Frank Costello) Castiglia as consigliere.

Among many arrest’s are Gun, Robbery, Bribery, Murder,

active in the 1930’s. sidelined and lived quietly until his death in 1963. early associate of Joe Rao and Joe Stracci. Died in Florida Iandosco in the Valachi charts [1963], Iandouci in the list of deceased members Capo Coppola from the 1930’s. [1942]. Political influence, and A long-time Capo, mentioned by Valachi and listed as such in Used “Vitale Banquet” robbery in 1929, along with John Savino, Paul Marchione, and Lived in Brooklyn, and had under Rocco Pellegrino, in 1927 he was arrested. ], M.Lansky. list’s.

Under Frank Costello, the Family Capo’s had a free hand in Larceny, Kidnapping, Bastardy, Fornication, Assault + Battery, Disorderly Arrested, Became Coppola’s most important associate, running in 1937. Known only by his street name “Bot Silvio”, this man was arrested several times in connection to Narcotics. Associates – C.Terranova, M.Coppola, F.Livorsi, J.Rao, His gang bore the front of

Relations – James [ Brother ], C.Terranova [ Uncle ]. reports.

After the closure of the curb exchange, involved with Davie Became an official in the International Began associating with these, All of Broome Street, Little Italy.

enough to deliver money to Charles Luciano in Italy in 1949. Luciano grew-up on the LES and was a very Americanized criminal. In 1959 attended the funeral of Joseph Barbara, as the Family Caesar associated with in 1988-89 [listed in 1983 charts in Gambino Family]. He died the following in Florida. Record – Fel. member, but NARA Record from 1927 shows entries for Bootlegging, Homicide, crash death in 1924.

extortion in 1970, and he received a 12 year sentence. Terranova was also a partner of Dutch Schultz in a Harlem numbers bank.

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