dwight belsnickel quotes

Not the best Christmas episode but it was solid. The Farm

Mafia Dwight gets the office workers to sit in a circle in the conference room where he then decides whether their years were impish or admirable. Anyone remember Toby freaking out at the end of the Halloween episode after I think Nellie took her “Sexy Toby” wig off…and now he’s kissing her?

Who knows, maybe it’ll come out in a later episode that later on Meredith drove a sauced Darryl home and… MaD occurred “that one night…and made everything alllllright”?

Writer: Robert Padnick, Director: Charles McDougall. Why? Makes me want to go watch Die Hard now…, hahahahha loved this episode 07. Creed: Tapas Swiss Miss.

Gave it a 10, would have given it an 11. Garden Party Guess how much I care on a scale of one to ten. Nice episode.

And good for Kevin, finally becoming Santa (and even Angela sat on his lap :) ), (Hey Tanster, thought about having a poll to see which Christmas episode the fans like the most?). The Whale 06. Toby: Forget everything you thought you knew about fingerprinting.

22. I think that’s about as good an episode as we can get these days. Let’s give great veteran characters like Stanley, Phyllis, and Meredith the attention that they deserve. @threatlevelmidwight, This isn’t the Farm episode, Rainn tweeted about filming that months ago, whereas the cast were tweeting about filming the Christmas episode just a few weeks ago. It wasn’t exactly a funny episode, and it had a slow start, but it was a wonderful pay-off at the end (though I don’t mean very disturbing coda). Touching. 19. The appearance of Zwarte Piet was amazing. New Leads The Meeting Erin: I’m still Andy’s girlfriend. 14. 08. I can’t say I loved Jim’s return scene. 11. Murder Was there no cold-open and/or opening credits for this episode?

@Daniel G. I agree. This is my second favorite Christmas episode :) (my first is the one from season 6 where Michael dresses as Jesus lol). Greg Daniels and co, well done! Spooked

Michael’s story was important, the 2nd most important, but not the real thing. 07. Webisodes – Subtle Sexuality Saying farewell is going to be difficult. 17. Dunderpedia: The Office Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Angry Andy

The Coup It could also explain why there’s such a strong focus on Erin and Pete. But you can leave your arm. 09. I totally lost it at the end when Darryl turned and fell.

Erin and Pete (they’ve finally got me interested enough to stop calling him New Jim).

Siiiiilent Dwiiiiight, Dwight: What about an authentic Pennsylvania Dutch Christmas? Health Care It was like a Christmas card or group Christmas photo to remember how they were.

Casual Friday The Dundies I assumed he would kind of just be around as much as ever. Erin is getting cuter every season. Initiation


Erin has matured but definitely has abandonment issues. 10.

The Dwight Xmas I’ve watched (and just now for the 3rd or 4th time) is awkward beyond belief and full of unrealistic interactions. Dwight: The sepia tint is from an app on my phone. 05. Also used to sterilize medical instruments. Broke The Strangler isn’t going to be one of the characters on the show right now.

Everyone sitting around with a bowl acting like children was unbelievable, not funny, and a big disappointment. Either way, sounds promising! Schrute Space, Written by Robert Padnick Directed by Charles McDougall Original Air Date: December 6, 2012 Transcribed by Shawn.

(I really want to know what was in the note!). Get it Toby!!!! Great performances all round here.

Creed Thoughts 19. 19. Am I the only one who started crying ;_; when Dwight hugged Jim- without any shame, just love for his friend??? Seems kinda sad that he won’t be around for the last Christmas episode.. What throws me about this description is the storyline that focuses on Pete and Erin. Loved when Dwight got upset about Jim leaving. 18.

That’s the final process for Christmas on the show. It put a few tears in my eye, that one did. Branch Closing 16. All the plots were great… especially the main focus with Jim, Dwight, and Pam.

Dwight and Jim, Dwight and Pam, Jim and Pam were all wonderful interactions tonight. I love the references to Michael in this episode! Drug Testing It would be cool too if Michael Scott made a surprise appearance. Niagara @74 Yeah, me too.

Christening Too many! Survivor Man After Michael fired him he became homeless in New York, lost his mind, hitchhiked back to Scranton (where maybe one of his rides did something to further traumatize him), and started strangling people who reminded him of either Creed or Michael.

Jim was just leaving an hour or two early – why would that upset Dwight so much? 07. Very real emotions…it was sweet to see how disappointed Dwight was when Jim left. 13. Lecture Circuit 2 Ultimatum Night Out

5 Belsnickel Dwight Trust Dwight to put a spin on Christmas that would make the Grinch look like an elf in Santa’s workshop.


08. But what’s the point since it’s the final season?

Bring back Steve Carell!!!!

16. 10. Hilarious. I really like them but hey, it’s the last Christmas episode for The Office. All together now: 05.

Fan Love Loved this episode. WOW WOW WOW!!!!! 10. It’s really hitting home that this is ending.

Pam: And the fear.

Makes me all warm and fuzzy. Women’s Appreciation 09. 02. 18.

Dwight: Have you ever tasted a shepherd’s crook? Welcome Party i did get really sad though when Jim mentioned it was his last Christmas party…, I think your 23rd quote might have a typo… :). Peter is portrayed by Nate Nickerson, but is disappointed when Dwight calls him off after the backlash of the office workers reading about him on Wikipedia. 17. 09. Loved Jim missing his wife and I loved the really great Jim/Pam kiss. Special Thanks 21.

17. I gave this one a 10 also.

04. Where has Clark gone? I was kinda hoping that a drunken Darryl was going to hook up with Meredith. Both Dwight, Jim and Pam (and Darryl) really delivered. Manager and Salesman The Deposition But if we’re going to wrap everyone up then I suppose that’s as good a way as any to finish up two characters. ;). 05. The figure is also preserved in Pennyslvanian Dutch communities. 06. Dinner Party Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager

Webisodes – The 3rd floor

Customer Loyalty Back From Vacation Shareholder Meeting There could be a line in one of the future episodes about how something annoyed Dwight about Bilbo and made him feel oddly sentimental at the same time (Jim is starting his new company and Dwight will obviously miss him on some level). I have to run to my car to take a dump. Jim: That was the perfect last Christmas party. 22.

Roy’s Wedding A story line like this would be unexpected and set big things in motion while getting John Krasinski out of the office for the post-Christmas episodes. That’s oddly specific.

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