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Honor, respect, integrity, beauty, love, joy, peace, consideration, communication, contribution, generosity, unity and higher consciousness light. She has now achieved her doctorate in Natural Health. Cells and lots of Inner Earth movement….. every day now… super charging through crystalline activations…. The reason for this is, the dis-eased body moves from an alarm state (symptom generating), to an exhaustion phase. Sam has set up an online Wellness Center. The Quantum Shift radio show always strives to present new thoughts of understanding. High frequencies, solar flares to crystalline charging activations to the body releasing irritation and aggravation energies without an actual triggers or anything going on, love filling every cell, peace and brilliance as it does…yet scattered energies as particles re-align make it hard to focus/produce… and when the heart closes, light cannot transmit anymore… When the heart and mind are open, one’s energy relaxes, the muscles relax and transmission resumes again…. The physical reality is a combination of the ENERGIES that are present within us…. © 2020 Google LLC Sam Mugzzi - YouTube Dr. Mugzzi started her career as a psychic reader. As Hybrids, we realize we are Spirit/Soul/Light BEings in physical form, fulfilling purposes, missions and roles… playing out the play we chose, yet as humans are not aware of yet…. Ancient Elder & Guardian of NEW Earth, Author, Teacher/Coach/Guide, Transformational Speaker…. The Biofeedback system Dr. Sam Mugzzi uses, also works with the zero point frequency, Golden Ratio, Scalar Technology, Royal Rife Frequencies and so much more.

Your eyes our said to be the window to the soul. KCOR Digital Radio Network. Kent’s Grandparents were also Pleiadians and taught him how to be ready to serve humanity and be a messenger during this time of change on the planet. Dr. Mugzzi returns and she was on fire with pages and pages of new Intel the mainstream media is afraid to share. Therefore, tuning into her new weekly show; you will be magnetically and intellectually stimulated to learn more about our new reality. She is now working as an intuitive natural healer and uses the modalities of frequency, nutrition, essential oils, herbology and other natural remedies, to assist others with their quest for a healing paradigm. I love you all as my brothers and sisters and I am here to serve humanity as situations arise. Looking at the eyes, you can see which organs are breaking down and where possible toxins are building. They are also a reflexology map of the degeneration the body could be experiencing. Light is how we exist, travel, function…. All Rights Reserved. The use of Quantum Entanglement and Quantum Plasma fields connect your body’s frequency to the SCIO biofeedback device.

the Rainbow Bridge, the Light Tunnel, peace and abundance frequencies…. You can use these frequencies for many purposes such as head aches, pain, blood weakness, cell degeneration, DNA restoration, Aura cleansing, Chakra balancing, stimulating nutritional absorption, bowl flora balancing, and reducing the body’s over all stress. www.AwakeningToRemembering.com. We do not focus on things that the human aspect does…. for us…. WE focus on what is truly important…. You will be more responsible with your choices and enjoy being empowered to heal yourself. Dr Sam Mugzzi, Kent Dunn and Gary on Quantum Shift - YouTube Nothing is as it seems, and nothing stays the same. The website is www.QuantumHealth.club. Shifting timelines as fast as we are, everything’s dissolving instantly, the moment we allow it to go, let it go, move on and re-focus…. Copyright 2014-2020. By Lisa Brown, 05/27/2016. SCIO also uses ancient arts of herbology, acupuncture, crystal energy, and nutrients of all kinds.

Whether covering topics from Quantum Healing, Life Coaching, Current State of Affairs, Business, Law, Star People, or the Ascension Gateway. To begin registration go to Quantum Healing. The human body does the work, the soul drives the show…. Diamond Light Codes…. As you can see, the world of health is a lot larger than what we were originally taught. Dr. Sam Mugzzi’s fifteen years of radio experience has introduced her to many great contacts who are in the “know”. Lots of love, nurturing and care for our physical body, sunshine to charge up, time templates have been going through huge upgrades too…. It’s a club, which means its a private club to heal ourselves using natural remedies. She would like to invite all new and old friends, to partake in her newest journey into the Quantum Universe.

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