difference between american and vietnamese culture essay

Americans enjoy eating out at restaurants and ordering ready-made meals. In Vietnam, when greeting someone, even family members, people do not act friendly. Free resources to assist you with your university studies! We have received your request for getting a sample.Please choose the access option you need: With a 24-hour delay (you will have to wait for 24 hours) due to heavy workload and high demand - for free, Choose an optimal rate and be sure to get the unlimited number of samples immediately without having to wait in the waiting list, Using our plagiarism checker for free you will receive the requested result within 3 hours directly to your email. This is because of the willingness of the people to adopt different cultures, while at the same time maintain some of the elements of their own culture. Therefore, they value the collective whole rather than the individual. and heaven’s rays But, since I had only been here for two days, I had not witnessed these differences. United States That is the reason why we could not consider this culture to be higher than another one. People get strength from the whole cooperation of members in society . Name: America and Vietnam are two distinctive countries with many differences. Besides, there are some different between two culture that the American and Vietnamese cultures are totally different without any explanations such as the way of acting, greeting, or education. Food Culture Between Vietnam and America 7 July 2016 When we discuss about the differences between Vietnamese and America culture, we can think of many things such as History, Style of Music, Arts, Religion, Language, etc. Based on Hostede’s point of view ( 1980), the Vietnamese can be described as moderate uncertainty avoidance, high context, especially high power distance and high collectivism. Since I came to live in the United States, I have experienced a lot of differences in lifestyle, language, and celebration between Americans and Vietnamese people. Affordable pricing, starting only at $10 per page, Free revisions according to our revision policy, We do not drop big and complicated assignments, 24/7 support team, always available to assist you, Low-cost prices, starting at just $10 a page, A caring support team, ready to assist 24/7. ...The American Speech 1311 In America, old_aged parents live in nursing homes but in Vietnam they live with their children. This dimension results in the value of unity. Everyone in the community tends to work together. In Vietname, two, three or even four generations live under one roof.   People have the freedom to eat what they please. In Vietnam, the engagement ceremony involves the couple and their families, since the couple has to ask for permission to get married. diversity) He demonstrated the ideal, tells the tragic tale of a 17 year old war orphaned prostitute, Kim and a US GI Soldier, Chris who are torn apart during the fall of Saigon. Through the Vietnam War, women were able to get motivation and ideas to spark gender equality. On one side you have the yang the more male side that has more of a fondness towards hierarchy where the father or the eldest male is the leader of the family with conventional rules to follow depending on their social roles. As my grandmother taught me that each country has its own tradition and culture for example Japanese has kimono for its special festival, Kungfu is significant symbol of China or Pizza and Spaghetti are the characteristic food of Italia. For instance, when the younger persons come to visit a family, they show their respect by greeting the eldest person in the family first. Through the study, we can realize that American communications in face-saving often appreciate each person’s individualism and they seem not to focus on collectivist face-saving. Chinese culture starts from 1,700,000 years ago. For example, the meal only begins when the youngest person finishes greeting all of the family members. dimensions and values. Culture Differences between Americans and Vietnamese Essay Sample. Vietnam is a country with many etiquette and customs and one should know the basic etiquette and customs before going for a visit. Americans and Vietnamese enjoy having a wide variety of food options. In addition to greeting, eating manners is another difference between Americans and Vietnamese. We are really sorry but we cannot send the sample immediately. The food and food cultures in the two countries differ in different ways. However, cultural barriers can adversely affect business transactions right from the negotiation process. Compare and Contrast Essay between Vietnam and America get a complete professional presentation. We don’t claim to have the unreasonable low prices since Low prices equal low quality writing. Food preparation in America can take remarkably little time, or no time at all in case people choose to order. – Academics = “salad bowl” (cultural As a result, they want to make the others progress then. Since I came to live in the United States, I have experienced a lot of differences in lifestyle, language, and celebration between Americans and Vietnamese people. For example, Americans hug each other and give kisses on the cheek when they meet. In the future, thanks to language, culture will have chances to have development. Japan is a typical oriental culture nurtured the country, while the United States is a combination of Western civilization itself nurtured the development of the United States set their own unique culture. In America, the couple is free to choose the wedding reception of their choice. While in Vietnam, people have their whole meal all at once. I have been fortunate enough to explore and familiarize myself with the Vietnamese and American culture and have noticed the distinct differences between the two. • Stars = the 50 American Culture vs. Australian Culture The two countries are on different continents, and there is a wide difference between the two countries. On the other hand you have the yin moving towards human equality, female contribution, and more of an emphasis on feelings. The education system in America and Vietnam differs in different ways. If we can understand clearly this face-saving in communication that can help us contribute to having proper communication style and avoid regrettable mistakes and conflicts in a cross-cultural communication. Lecturer: Blablawriting.com provide for you a wide variety of top-notch essay and term paper samples on any possible topics absolutely. In Vietnam, the food culture is different, as Vietnamese will spend a lot of time in food preparation. now, I have experienced many differences between American culture and Italian culture. Vietnamese women were very active during the Vietnam War between 1950 and 1974. I know this because I conducted a 25 person questionnaire. One area of culture that is interesting to study is related to food.

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