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Dallas Basketball. Edwards began the season as sort of the default top prospect, and around Christmas time things were actually looking pretty OK for the player known as “Ant Man”.

First and foremost, LaMelo appears to be slightly bigger, at 6’7 with an unofficial wingspan over 6’10.

He flashes three-level scoring potential, but a lot of that is still hypothetical, and dependent on how well he ends up shooting from outside.
“Unique circumstances, unique opportunities. He showed off some deep range at TCU, bombing away from well beyond the college line, and with enough handle to create space for step backs, he can let it fly anytime as well as anywhere.

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If you’re feeling generous you can make the argument that Anthony could benefit from being asked to do less at the NBA level, but then again…if he’s going to a bottom three team, he might not. Truthfully, Ball is a difficult prospect to evaluate, for a variety of reasons, and I’ve had him up and down each of the top three spots at various points the last six or seven months. He’s thin, and shies away from contact at the rim, and his unorthodox shooting form requires too much loading time to make him a consistently dangerous shooter off the dribble. At 6’9 245, with a reported 7’1 wingspan, Okongwu’s dimensions and athleticism are extremely similar to that of breakout Miami Heat star Bam Adebayo. Okoro has all the physical tools you could ask for in an NBA wing, at 6’6 225 with decent length and the explosive athleticism to finish dunks in traffic and shut down opposing players one on one. The Mavericks are a good team, but they have plenty of areas to shore up with their two draft picks if they decide to use them.

before the draft, but in all the years we’ve been hearing about these mystery foreign big men who play like guards stashed away in low level leagues, only to have them arrive in the NBA and just end up being another white stiff, Poku may be the closest thing to the real deal. While these players might put up good numbers for other teams, I do not think they should be potential options for the Mavericks.
Like many NBA prospects, shooting will determine a lot about how Okoro’s career goes.

I certainly don’t want to downplay that, because his catch and shoot numbers are indeed quite bad (under 30%), but I think I’m more confident than others he can sort that out in time. A strong steal rate sells the notion of high BBIQ, as well.

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