chimney pond maine fishing

Now, even though I declined the offer, I was made a driver trainer anyway.

So I reluctantly selected a walk-in site, mistake number one!

Big Black, the Little Blacks and North Pond are harder to get to, but at times, can offer better fishing. Chimney Pond Campgound is located in the bottom of the South Basin, a massive glacial cirque with granite walls rising nearly 2,000 feet overhead. This year, just like last year, we will be in the park during the last week of June. Sorry, Angela and also fellow subscribers. By August, water temperatures in most Maine trout ponds have risen to a level that requires fish to seek out springholes and other cold-water refuges in order to survive. We arrived at the south gate, Togue Pond of Baxter at promptly 3:30 pm. I had a busy fall and winter with a few changes being thrown at me that created for an awful lot more work at my current job. Hopefully, if this encouraging trend continues, Commissioner Owen’s dream of , “providing all anglers in the state of Maine with a realistic chance to catch a four-pound native brook trout in pristine surroundings” will remain a reality into the foreseeable future. Thus, early season efforts in places such as Rum, Wilson and the Roach Ponds (all near Moosehead Lake) should center around  inlet and outlet brooks. Now, just because we are not the tent camping type of guys that doesn’t mean we don’t love hiking into amazing and remote places. Most anglers know that trout need cold water to survive. You will quickly realize why this campground, established in 1938, is by far the most popular of all the campgrounds. “I’ve been a ranger here for 15 years,” he replied, “there is absolutely NOTHING a bear can’t get into. As you emerge from the wilderness you will arrive at one of the two backcountry campgrounds within Baxter. We walked over to the Ranger’s station to check in and get our assigned campsite. Most of what he tells me on our hikes go completely over my head.

Now a few things, if you’re not at your site you MUST place any coolers or food in your vehicle as well as at night. For those of you who don’t know, the reservation system for Baxter campgrounds is on a four-month rolling schedule. In fact, after years of dealing with iced-up guides and frozen fingers, I’ve found that during April and early May, you will actually catch more fish if you concentrate your efforts during the most comfortable part of the day. Chimney Pond is a must for anyone who loves hiking in our state. All of the sites are great there, but little did I know just what a problem my selection was going to create. The inside of our tent was not leaking, but everything was damp from condensation. The unspoiled wildness of the place just seems to call to us each spring and as such, I make it a point to spend at least a week each year exploring the trails, mountains, and waterfalls.

I’ll offer you a cold bottle of water or an ice-cold Sam Adams if you’d like and you can listen to Kj tell all about that one night spent at Roaring Brook in the rain. Of course, stricter regulations can only provide the desired results if quality cold-water habitats are protected. Thus, I have been a wee bit busy over the past few months. I’ll try very hard not to do so again.

Mailing Address: 41 State House Station Augusta, ME 04333-0041 Each young trout that survives, however, has much more food  to eat, thus the size of an average fish is much bigger in East Chairback. Many people never get to enjoy such an experience, however, because the logistics of putting together a trip is just too intimidating. From the Sandy Stream Pond waypoint, the trail is pretty much straight up with a few switchbacks. Show Information. So please, I do apologize for my absence and kind of leaving Angela in the lurch. Baxter Park Camps at Kidney and Daicey Ponds, Maine (2004 ... Jim Henderson 2,719 views. Whether you ascend it from Chimney on the same day or, head back down and attempt your climb from the other side on Abol, or The Hunt Trail. Marabou Muddlers, crayfish, salamanders, and leeches in various sizes and colors also account for many fish. Trolling with single or tandem-hook smelt patterns such as the Grey Ghost, Governor Aiken or the Barnes Special is by far the most popular way to pursue early season brook trout in these larger waters. The cabins located on Daicey and Kidney ponds also serve as a convenient base-camp from which anglers can strike off to nearby Rocky, Little Rocky, Polly, Celia, Jackson or Lily Pad Ponds for a day of fishing.

We humped all of our gear up to our site, the furthest one in of all of the walk-in sites and began setting up camp. Adult flies can reach up to 3² long and are best imitated by extended-body patterns with large, upright wings.

We checked in and veered to the right following the tote road to its end at Roaring Brook. However, this year, unlike last, we will be staying at Wilderness Edge Campground just outside of Baxter’s south gate entrance in our 5th wheel. The start or finish, depending on whether you are a NOBO (northbound) or SOBO (southbound) of the Appalachian Trail, is the summit of Maine’s highest peak Mt. Take your time and enjoy the peace and quiet. Because of their accessibility, they are probably the most heavily fished ponds in the park, yet both contain a surprising number of large trout. That’s because all of the insects and minnows that are eaten by non-forage competitors such as perch, pickerel and bass, is food that is not available for consumption by the trout. Katahdin Knife Edge via The Chimney | Baxter State Park Winter Climbing #nemguides - …

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