can you join the military with a bee allergy

Once again your mouth and its dental work may not come to mind as the first thought of disqualifying factors for joining the U.S. Military, but it’s actually a big deal. you will bypass to MEPS, you will say no you're no longer allergic to bees, you have in no way even been stung by a bee. Some other dental conditions that may disqualify you from joining include: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is a very hot topic right now within the military community.

This work falls outside the National Health Service and there will usually be a charge for the assessment. You will be able to join any branch of the military though just as long as you aren't required to have an adrenaline injection whenever you're stung. Thanks steven but i hear that you can't if you a MARINE idk if this is true, i think that army and marines are different on medical reviews im not sure but i read somewhere that you can join the army with a bee allergy but not the marines. The U.S. Military does consider learning disabilities when deciding if someone is appropriate for service. I was stung when I was like five and swelled up some, but never have been stung since. Thanks steven but i hear that you can't if you a MARINE idk if this is true Update 2 : i think that army and marines are different on medical reviews im not sure but i read somewhere that you can join the army with a bee allergy but not the marines Related Article: Can You Join the Military with Flat Feet? All Rights Reserved. The medical standards to specify that late post-traumatic epilepsy is a potentially disqualifying factor. Still have questions? Anxiety is an issue that affects every single human.

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No individual level can be greater than 30 dB at the same frequencies. Allergies are covered under “other conditions” where there is specific mention of “severe nut allergy” and “severe allergic reactions or anaphylaxis requiring adrenaline injection” as barriers to recruitment. Required fields are marked *. Likewise, if you’re deaf in one ear, this would likely also disqualify you from serving in the military. Peanuts you’re not alone. Related Article – Can you join the military with a DUI? There are also differences across the service branches in the retention policies applied to members who develop food allergies while serving.

It wasn’t life-threatening, but it made me feel pretty uncomfortable. Again, most of this depends on how severe your allergies are. Cloisters House, I have never had anaphlaxis to a bee sting and im not diagnosed with the bee allergy but i do carry around an epipen because of a reaction when i was 4. You can still serve our Country in many other federal positions.

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