business plus cps

Procurement of a 138KV Fuseless Capacitor Bank Outdoor. Pickup/Delivery, Launder and Repair coveralls for the CPS Energy Substation Department, Three (3) year contract for Train the Trainer services for Heavy Equipment Operator Training, Request for Information for Unmanned Aircraft System Electronic Flight Logbook, Three Year Term Contract for Fire Fighting Equipment, Three Year Term Contract for Small Engine Petroleum Products, Three Year Term Contract for Cold Shrink Sleeves, Three Year Term Contract for Various Indoor/Outdoor Voltage Transformers, Three Year Term Contract for Various Current Indoor and Outdoor Transformers, Three Year Term Contract for Various Pipe Fittings and Unions, Two (2) year contract for Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations and Spanish Translation services, Five (5) year contract for various off-site safety training courses, Three (3) year contract for transportation of the collection and recycling of oil, oily water, oil filters and off spec fuel at various CPS Energy locations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (“UAV”) Aerial Inspection Services and UAV Repair. Through REAP, you may qualify for up to $400 per year in bill assistance, If you’re a residential customer, you may qualify for a discount if your income is at or below 125% of federal poverty guidelines and you meet other requirements, Enroll in our Budget Payment Plan, and we’ll average your bills over the past year, add a small percentage to cover environmental factors and changing fuel costs, then charge you the resulting amount each month, If you or a dependent living at home must use electrically operated medical equipment, the Critical Care Program gives you additional time to pay your bills, Learn more about Casa Verde and Free Weatherization, The Disabled Citizens Billing Program allows disabled customers on Supplemental Security Income additional time to pay the net amount of their energy bills, Public health agencies and community-based organizations also may have resources to help you pay your bill, Our Senior Citizen Billing Program allows qualifying customers additional time to pay the net amount of their energy bills, Health or financial hardships sometimes make it difficult to pay bills. Three (3) year term contract for rebuild, repair, and supply alternators, starters, and components of starting system on an as-requested basis for authorized CPS Energy locations. A variety of Distributed Generation systems are now available. Our older TETRA radios have a programmable field to tell the GPS chip which week cycle we are in. Travel officer login. Travel manager login. Improve your future, based on analysed and reported data.

Contact Information. ... CPS Plus Inc Cement Manufacturers. Three (3) year term contract for Chevrolet Vehicle Parts and Repairs.

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