boom vader vs grom

By that point, its rider was closing the gap quickly to the Honda, and if Tom, the heaviest of the four testers was aboard, that gap would close even quicker. Also impressive is the SSR, which makes more power than the Kawasaki until roughly 6500 rpm. They lack power – severely in the Kymco’s case – and they both weigh the most at 247 lbs.

Discussion in 'Electric Motorcycles' started by brian72, Jan 2, 2016. Is the Grom’s $3,200 price tag worth it? It’s a conclusion the rest of us came to as well. “The Razkull looks great, and stands out among the other two homogenous Japanese bikes. For the price, it simply can’t be beat. Ultimately, the race downhill came down to which of the editors had bigger balls and was willing to put it on the line.

Its fuel injection is calibrated perfectly, giving smooth, linear inputs when you twist the throttle. The Kymco’s larger-diameter wheels account for some weight increase, but 12 pounds more than the next heaviest bike? Enter your ZIP code below to get a free insurance quote. It’s streetfighter-inspired redesign looks slick, and charging up the mountain, the other bikes had difficulty keeping up with the Grom. Our testers noted the impressive fit and finish of the Razkull, with no unsightly gaps or exposed wires. Their job was to give us feedback as to which bike makes the best learner for the absolute noob because it’s been awhile since any of the MO staff could call themselves one. And there’s the rub. It’s selling point of course, is its $200 cheaper price tag than the Grom. It’s pegs, placed relatively high and rearward, are clearly the raciest here, and if we were burning laps around the tight confines of a kart track, where peak power isn’t as important, instead of ripping up a wide and expansive mountain, it might even give the Honda a run for its money. 13: 2,622 : Bikes with CG250 Clone Power. Fit and finish are at the same levels you’d expect from Kawasaki, with engine performance slightly disappointing compared to its Japanese rival (though both are made in Thailand). Except the price. BOOM! Coming in a solid third place up the hill, the Razkull couldn’t keep the Grom or Z in sight for very long, but it clearly outpaced the Kymco, which came a distant last.

10 cents per charge is optimistic too. I'd snap that off before i got it out of the crate. NO WAY, that Is total BS !!!! If you have the $3,200 to spend, then you can’t go wrong with the Honda. Its minimalistic styling appealed to some, but calling it attractive is pushing it. The Grom’s neon coloring may be off-putting for some, and if you don’t like it, you’re probably not the target audience anyway. The premise for our race was simple: we’d race to the top of one of our favorite canyon roads, which conveniently has a cafe at its summit. Like the Kymco, it claws back and overtakes the Honda when given enough room to take advantage of its greater weight and lack of a speed governor. It’s a roomy little motorcycle, with a cool tubular frame and swingarm. EFI is definitely preferable, but the SSR costs a lot less money and either the bike’s owner, or a mechanic with carburetor knowledge could make the Razkull run a lot better than it does. For the Kawasaki’s part, our notes all mention something about it being nearly the Honda’s equal. “If it were my money, I’d buy the Razkull.”.

Buy Honda Grom Clone 125cc Motorcycle BD125-15 125cc best street legal super pocket bike X-pro. Ranking the other three is a bit more challenging, as the MO scorecard has them very evenly matched. View thousands of photos, event coverage, tips, tricks and performance mods. Where the Honda would leave the others for dust going up, the quartet were surprisingly close coming down. The Grom’s new redesign is capped off by its headlight. The Honda would leap away at the start, but the advantage of long, open pavement that helped it form a gap going up gave the others the runway to claw the Honda back coming down. And considering how anti-climactic our uphill race was, we were hoping the way down would renew our child-like hooligan spirits. Tom “Big Guns” Roderick, for example, felt like a boat anchor on any bike he rode uphill, except the Honda, while downhill he felt invincible on the Kymco – the same bike he bemoaned on the way up.

The Z125’s fuel tank, however, features shrouds that jut out, which could inhibit leg room for some riders.

Get price quotes for Honda from local motorcycle dealers. The torque graph mimics the horsepower chart, except the Kawasaki never pulls an edge out over the Razkull. It’s similar in size to the Grom and comes standard with a very slick style and a great looking lower engine cowl.

I'll try to snap some pictures if I get the chance and report back.

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