arknights limited operators

So, I’m here logging in into my game, looking at my lv-90 profile and asking myself…, So I read a lot of people really going crazy over W. Increased ATK for first attack after a successful Dodge.

Phantoms cannot attack or block enemies, but have 75 RES and 30% Physical Dodge and enemies are more likely to attack it. - Her Status Resistance buff has a rather short duration, so it can drop off easily, especially at lower promotion levels. Dates are available in the CN Server column. + Trait; Prioritize attacking highest weight enemy, - Her attack range can make her difficult to position on some maps, + Archetype: Greatly decreased redeployment time, - His clone cooldown is much longer than Phantom himself, so it can be tricky to coordinate with his clone if you redeploy him quickly, + Archetype: Gain +1 DP on kills and full DP refund on retreat, + Talent 1: deals additional Arts damage to the target based on a percentage of enemy DEF, making her even better at killing high DEF enemies, which is a strength of her Class, - S3: has a long cooldown and works counter to her Talent, + Talent 1: significant boost to HP of all Defenders, - Being a Limited Operator makes increasing Potential very difficult, - Trait: Constantly decreasing HP means he needs to constantly be attacking or have a healer to survive, + Trait: Attack multiple enemies equal to block number, + Talent: When deployed, all ally Caster SP gain increased (does not stack with similar effects), - Long Skill cooldowns with low up-times (somewhat mitigated by her SP gain Talent), retreats all deployed drones after this effect ends. So I decided to read about her…, I read that you should save your Distinctions (Yellow Certificates) for the 6*…, Hello guys!

Decided to splurge abit, help me redesigning my new roster? To add, with the most recent banner in CN, the famous Nian banner if you haven't heard, has a new 6-star, Nian, as a limited operator. - Defensive focus does not synergize well with her Dp-On-Kill mechanic. The Drone locks onto an enemy until the enemy is defeated or until the skill is over, then returns to the Operator, + Trait: Controls a Drone Unit that also attacks enemies; Drone Unit’s damage ramps up as it attacks the same target and resets when attacking a new target

Every attack deals, Every attack will deal damage equal to at least 25% ATK (increased to 34% ATK if the enemy is in the 2 tiles ahead of self), When attacking 【Infected Lifeforms】, increase ATK to 150%, Throws a vial that, upon shattering, releases a cloud of spores for, When deployed, all Supporter Operators gain +11%, Stops attacking enemies and gain an additional, Normal attacks have 23% (+3%) chance to recover 1 additional SP, Increase the Attack power of the next attack to.

- S2: SP Cost with charge [on-attack] is high compared to duration, giving it low up-time. April 2020 new operator : Conviction, Sideroca, Shamare, Cutter, and Phantom. Arknights OST: [Lullaby] Feat. - S2 has a relatively long charge time, requiring Suzuran to be deployed early, though her Talent helps to speed it up. - Trait: Single Target, block 1, and requiring the killing blow make this slow to charge. July 2020 new operator : Suzuran, Ayerscarpe, Folinic, Beeswax, Chiave, Scene, and Click. June 2020 new operator : Asbestos, Tsukinogi, Podenco, Absinthe, Leonhardt, and Rosa(Poca). Afterwards, Thermal-EX is forcibly retreated, Increases the ATK and DEF of all [Melee] allies by 20% for 20 seconds after deployment, Immediately restores the HP of all allies by 500 after deployment. Already build…, As per title above, my previous free roll was pretty good but a lot of times, it was…, Operator is stunned for 5 seconds after the skill ends, On the 2nd cast and onwards, stat gains are doubled and duration becomes infinite. Source : ©2017 Hypergryph Co., Ltd ©2019 Yostar, Inc. Passive: Drones may be deployed on melee tiles, dealing single-target Arts damage.

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