alpha 6 dasher

Here is the 6 Dasher load from two truly world-class competitors who finish towards the very top of the leaderboard at virtually any match they attended. I know I couldn’t tell you what the twist was on all my match rifles without having to look it up. I have a (tangentially) related question. Just get the Alpha dasher brass designed for the Lapua chamber. Now, if your application is shooting paper at 600 yards, your priorities are a little different. I thought the load data would be a good segue into a post about some of the reloading equipment they’re using.

Thanks, DB. I’m one of the guys in the list and the vast majority are 7.5. where the darkest green is the top 10, medium green is 11-25, and light green

Okay. The project got pushed aside and the brass is now for sale. Founded by Frank Galli in 2014, Sniper’s Hide has been offering informational videos, podcasts, and other support to it’s users in one location.
If not, try a .267 and .268 bushing and your 32.6 load with tighten up.

In the past, I’ve published what loading components were popular overall, but what guys go with often depends on the particular cartridge they’re using. Matthew was using the Berger 105gr Hybrid, which I think is technically now a sister-company of Lapua … so I guess it’s kind of “under the same corporate umbrella.”. The longer neck of the Norma Dasher is nice compared to a standard 6 Dasher. Can anyone share their experience with what the accurate barrel life is on the 6 Dasher? But it doesn’t mean those other cartridges aren’t effective … just means they aren’t as popular. You're about 100fps fast on that 6BR MV unless your one on done with the cases and are comfortable going WAY overpressure. Fired neck is 272/2715 and loaded is 269, not sure what the general consensus is for optimal neck clearance for PRS style shooting. Old thread, but for what it’s worth my buddy has gone top 5, including a 3rd and a 2nd at his last three 2-day PRS matches with a straight 6BR & 105s.

So his ammo is absolutely spot on, as well as his rifle and his fundamentals! The guy who won the PRS last year, Matthew Brousseau, is even a sponsored shooter on Team Lapua … and as you can see in the load data I showed for him in this post, he wasn’t even using Lapua bullets! That means a lot. Many other shooters report good results past 2,000 rounds. I’ve heard a couple shooters say something very similar.

Important: You should always reference a comprehensive reloading manuals and start with the minimum recommended loads and work your way up. Use Lapua brass and compete with your fire forming loads. I’ve had a lot of conversations with a really accomplished gunsmith about how critical bullet jump is, and he has a theory that there is a “sweet spot” in terms of bullet jump that might be shared among all cartridges of the same caliber. For example, black indicates shooters who I can say with a lot of confidence that most of these guys are using either the fastest twist possible for the caliber they’re shooting, or close to it. The barrel was done by PVA; I will contact them to get an idea. But, I don’t like assuming … I like seeing the data!

I can tell you’re a guy that really likes to test out components until you’re certain you’ve got the absolute best combination, so I really do appreciate your willingness to share your results. If I had to do it over again today … I’d still do the exact same thing. So, I figured I'd give Alpha 6 Dasher brass a try. I don’t have Aztec yet in my mk1 AMP. Loaded diameter is .269 but we have seen the .266 bushing produce as much as .004 of neck tension......but you cannot argue with the 32.2 load! Here’s my plan for articles, which covers 94% of the cartridges these top shooters were using: While I’d value knowing what load any of these top shooters are running, this set of data is the aggregate of well over 100 truly world-class shooters, so it is both a rich and unique data set to pull insight from. That range seemed to produce the best results for the majority of these shooters.
September 2, 2019 Awesome detail. Run 20 pieces of brass the life of the barrel, etc.

I’m about to stretch my rifle’s legs and I don’t have one. Very quick turn around time from him. There was one guy running Hodgdon H4895 and one running Reloder 16, which could be good alternatives if you can’t find Varget – but Varget is definitely the clear favorite to fuel the 6 Dasher.

Using my LAB Radar my last 15 round practice group has an extreme spread of 8 feet per second ,none of the other brands came close. The information is to be used at the sole discretion of the user and the user assumes all risk. standard deviations (SD) in muzzle velocity, meaning the ammo is extremely If you get your barrel chambered for the Norma Dasher brass then you won't have to do anything. The rest are split between using a progressive for everything or using a single stage for some operations and a progressive for others. Thanks for sharing, Bry. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this content, data, or other materials is strictly prohibited without prior express and written permission from the author. I appreciate you chiming in! I guess I will disregard them as a sign of something wrong. This is awesome!

I have been using a Leupold Mark 4 spotting scope with the TMR reticle for the past couple years, and it’s great for the money but it’s definitely not as crisp as the Swaro.

I’m personally about to buy one, so that tells you what I think. I don’t have a lot of experience with the 240 Weatherby or 264 Win Mag, so I’d be guessing at how they compare. Has run some pretty extensive testing on the brass. The regular 6BR pushes a 103-108 class bullet at 2950 FPS out of a 28-30 inch barrel with 0.104 freebore. No thanks to the 105s so don't waste your finger strength. This article is awesome (no surprise – just one issue… you’re waiting until the third installment to do the 6BRs .

I went BR instead of dasher for the same reason. Thanks, I've been running 6 Norma Dasher since it came out and having very good luck with it.

For the last several years I asked the top shooters questions about their load, like what bullet, primer, brass, and powder they used, but this year I asked about the specific powder charge weight they were loading. In comparison to second or third loading on hydro formed Lapua from Hunts, the Alpha does show pressure signs earlier.

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